Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez threw his brother “under the bus,” he says.


The fiancĂ©e’s brother, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, said the power couple “threw him under the bus” after their shady selfie scandal.Michael Sanchez, whose television presenter Lauren has been dating Bezos since 2018, says he has been wrongly blamed for leaking nude photos the billionaire sent Lauren at the start of their relationship, and is suing the couple for libel .

The tawdry shots ended up in the National Enquirer’s hands, which Bezos later accused of trying to blackmail him.

“I have protected and supported my sister 100% since the day of her birth. And I gladly took the fall for it too many times to count. What’s different this time is that our family has been torn apart and Lauren doesn’t seem to care, “said Michael Sanchez to the Daily Mail on Saturday.

Sanchez maintains that he never had the illegal images to begin with, and claims that federal investigators have cleared him.

“Once the FBI and Amazon investigators allowed me to never own the photos used to blackmail Jeff, I thought I would at least have a private apology.

“But Jeff and Lauren didn’t look back. I was thrown under the bus. Unfortunately, it is likely that the next time I see them in court, “he said.

A source told the Mail that Michael Sanchez wanted a big mea culpa, including a front page apology in the Washington Post, owned by Bezos.

“He is determined to spend his day in court and it will not be pretty for the richest man in the world. Michael is going to air everyone’s dirty laundry. Bring it on! Added the source.


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