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The enthusiastic reaction of fans to the introduction of Captain Pike from Anson Mount in the second season of Star Trek: discovery allowed Mount to direct the recently announced series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Now the actor who played the captain in the first season of Discovery responds to the news and suggests that he may also be back.

Prime Lorca could have a future in Star Trek

Jason Isaacs played Captain Gabriel Lorca in the first season of Discovery and he spoke vividly of the New strange worlds announces on the Empire Film Podcast:

People loved watching Pike. They loved the retro thrill of it. They loved being on the Enterprise again. They loved Pike and Spock and Anson [Mount] and Ethan [Peck] Were good. It seemed, given that Picard is very different, and Discovery focuses on number one and not on the captain, it’s a much more traditional sense. This ship, these characters, felt at home.

As for Captain Lorca, it’s hard to do more with the character. Towards the end of the first season of Discovery, it was revealed that he was actually from the mirror universe, and then the character was killed fairly completely, via complete disintegration. But was this the end of Lorca’s story?

Mirror Lorca killed in “What’s Past Is Prologue”

On the podcast, when asked if Lorca would follow Pike to his own show, Isaacs hinted that he might be back, but not with the same character:

Where is Prime Lorca? Well, I admit that we are talking. It’s not like when Mirror Lorca bit the ball, there was no clamor for Prime Lorca, but the thing is, it must be a great story. Pike is already here! We know what it looks like. We’ve seen it and it’s great. We don’t know who Prime Lorca is. If he’s like Frank Spencer from Mirror Lorca [wimpish character from a British sitcom] cousin, so no one wants to spend time with him. It’s going to have to be as interesting as it is dangling, and you have to find him a ship and find a context for putting it in a story. So we are talking. And when and if we find something that we think is fabulous, I would be happy to go on a starvation diet necessary to slip back into the snakeskin uniform.

In this response, Isaacs said twice “we are talking,” and he probably hints at some sort of discussion with CBS chief Trek Alex Kurtzman or other Trek producers. The comment “when and if we come to something” also indicates that these discussions could continue. While a full series based on Lorca is not likely, a mini-series could be, as the idea of ​​the Star Trek limited series has been mentioned by CBS in the past. There are other plausible options for bringing Isaacs back to play Prime Lorca, including as a guest on New strange worlds or any of the other Star Trek series, or maybe even as the star of a Short treks episode.

Isaacs is not the only one to have thought of the return of Lorca, as this tweet of February 2018 indicates:

Bring back Lorca?

Isaacs is right: we’ve never seen the Prime Universe version of Lorca. After he and his ship, the USS Buran, were drawn into the mirror universe, the Lorca mirror assumed its identity in the first universe. The Buran has been destroyed, but that does not mean that the Premier Lorca died with it. It is quite possible that he survived and could find his way back to the First Universe.

Isaacs has garnered much praise from fans for his work on Discovery, so there might be an appetite to see him come back. It is true that Prime Lorca would be an entirely new character, although Mirror Lorca managed to convince Starfleet to give him a new command and temporarily cheated on his old girlfriend, Admiral Cornwell – so there are clearly some similarities.

Jason Isaacs as Lorca with Jayne Brook as Admiral Cornwell in “Lethe”

Lorca in Star Trek online

And as some fans know, it’s already made a comeback in the free MMORPG Star trek Online Rise of Discovery, where players can explore what happened to both Prime Lorca and Prime Landry (Rekha Sharma) before joining the crew of the U.S. Discovery.

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