Jan Blachowicz doesn’t buy Jon Jones to quit the title or retire: “I think he’s just playing games”


After eliminating Corey Anderson in February, Jan Blachowicz felt like it was only a matter of time before he got a contract with the name Jon Jones on the other end.

Now four months later, the Polish competitor is still awaiting the word of his next fight with the last few days spent watching Jones engage in a public discussion with the UFC regarding money and its overall value to the business.

Lively discussions between Jones and UFC president Dana White ultimately led the defending light heavyweight champion to declare that he would quit his title and withdraw from the sport. Jones even went so far as to suggest that Blachowicz and Dominick Reyes are fighting over a vacant title in his absence.

Despite all the anger and resentment shared between Jones and the UFC in recent days, Blachowicz is not convinced that this will lead to the crown of a new champion.

“I’m just a little tired of this,” Blachowicz told MMA Fighting on Tuesday. “I’m just waiting. He does not leave. He is not going to retire. I think it’s his game to make more money and that’s it. But we’ll see what the UFC does. I’m just waiting for the UFC moves and that’s it. We will see.

“If he leaves, then I hope my next fight is for the title against Dominick Reyes. This is my next scenario if he quits but I don’t believe it. I’m still waiting for it. ”

Blachowicz will not blame Jones for trying to score a higher salary for a potential fight against heavyweight boogeyman Francis Ngannou, but he is also aware that all of this dust is likely a bargaining tactic.

“Everyone wants a lot of money,” said Blachowicz. ” I understand that. We also do it for money and for fun. It’s a job, but everyone who does it loves to do it. But you also want to make a lot of money on this business. I understand everything they do.

“I think he’s just playing games. He wants to make more money and I don’t think he will resign. But if he resigns, Dominick Reyes is also a perfect opponent for me. “

Although he much prefers to become the first person to hand Jones a legitimate loss, Blachowicz will not make fun of a fight with Reyes as long as there is gold on the line.

” Of course. If the fight is going to be for the title, I’m open for it, “said Blachowicz about the fight against Reyes. “It’s also going to be a good fight. My next fight will be for the title. I don’t know against whom. I don’t know when, but my next fight will be for the title.

” It’s a mess. I’m just waiting to see what the UFC will do for this whole situation. I have received all my emails, my next fight will be for the title and I am just waiting for the date when the government opens the borders and I can be in the United States the next day when they open the borders. So I’m just waiting for what’s going to happen next. ”

The only thing Blachowicz is sure of is that a fight for the UFC light heavyweight championship is in his immediate future. He really believes that Jones will be his opponent, but if the title is really canceled, Blachowicz will move on to the next online challenger.

“I’m tired of the whole situation,” said Blachowicz. “I’m tired of waiting, but if I have to wait a little longer, then OK. I know how to survive these two months of waiting.

“But I don’t think they will make the rematch between [Jones and Reyes]. I think I’m going to be Jon Jones or Dominick’s next opponent for the title. ”


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