Jamie Oliver sends Addenbrooke’s personal “emotional” thank you for the video


One of the UK’s best known celebrity chefs, Jamie Oliver, has sent an emotional video message to staff at the Addenbrooke’s hospital to thank them for their hard work during the outbreak of coronavirus.Standing in front of a background that said ” Great Love “, Jamie recalls his experiences with the leaders of the hospital over the years, including when he had to have microsurgery to a nerve in his hand.

“We have always been grateful to you guys locally,” he said, ” but now, more than ever, with COVID-19, I mean, what can be said? The true hero, the true super-hero! “

Jamie Oliver has shared his emotional message to the staff in front of a background saying: “Great Love “

He grew up nearby, as a child, and remains close to the hospital, along with its local. He recalled his interactions with the hospital, saying they are an ” amazing hospital “.

It has led to say: “my family and I are very grateful just to have you there, fortunately, we have not had need of you.

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“But we know that you have been looking after our community like your own family, I thank you, therefore, first of all, I thank you for risking your own life, and I just want to say thank you, really.

“There’s nothing I can say to keep doing what you do. ”

Jamie Oliver went to thank the work done by the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust (ACT), saying: “I know that the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust is also working hard to take care of people in the region.

“So good luck to all, good luck to all in the fundraising, and to continue to do what you do. Thank you very much.

“There are no words, there are no words that can really say enough. “

He finished by saying that 2020 is the year when the general public and all the world ” showed their gratitude to the NHS, as he mimed bowing down.

Before you run out of the frame, Jamie has also said that he was ” speechless, which is rare, so thank you. In fact, I am very emotional now. ”

To make a donation and support Addenbrooke’s hospital, please visit www.helpyourhospital.co.uk or text NHSHEROES 10 70085 to make a donation of £10.


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