Jamie Foxx unveils a new ripped body while it grows to portray Mike Tyson in a biopic


Jamie Foxx has confirmed that his biopic in the highly anticipated Mike Tyson is in preparation – and he trained hard to get in shape for the role.The star, oscar winner, 52, is expected to play the former heavyweight champion in a film about his life and his career.

The fans were worried about the lack of news on the project, but Foxx has assured that the film was in progress.

The actor said: “It is a definitive yes. Do biographies is a difficult thing. Sometimes, it takes 20 years to achieve, but we have officially launched the real game. “

Jamie showed his torso incredibly toned

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Foxx has adopted a program of intense training to face the american heavyweight Tyson, 53 years of age.

He said: “Every two days, I do 60 push-ups, 60 loons, 100 chin-ups. I don’t have calf muscles, so we might have to get dentures for that. ”

He will play Mike Tyson in biopic

Foxx won an Oscar for her turn as singer Ray Charles in the 2004 biopic, Ray.

And he said that he “can’t wait” to portray Tyson, who is one of the most feared combatants of the story. He was beaten on two occasions, the british boxer Frank Bruno, 58 years old, in the fighting championship of the heavy weights.

Tyson has also had its fair share of controversy outside of the ring, including a conviction for rape in 1992.

Speaking on Instagram Live, Foxx said: “We want to show the world evolves. I think that everyone, great and small, will be able to understand the journey of this man. ”

Foxx also revealed that he had met the boxer for the first time of the “most strange”.

He said: “I was on the stage years ago stand-up. I arrive at my joke of Mike Tyson and nobody applauds, nobody laughs. You know why? Because Mike looked at it. ”

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