Jamie Foxx proves he’s getting bigger for Mike Tyson’s biopic


Jamie Foxx seeks to prove that he is more than an impersonator by completely transforming his body to play the role of former boxing champion Mike Tyson in a new biopic.

Foxx went to his Instagram page to show the first steps in his training transformation for biopic Mike Tyson FINDING MIKE. The film has been in development for a very long time, Foxx having been attached to the project since at least 2014. After Foxx was announced as attached to the biopic, information about the film is at a standstill but Foxx is showing the start of its training program . , it looks like the project is back on track. The photo series isn’t exactly professional photos and just selfies taken by Foxx himself, but you can get a sense of where to go. You can check out the Instagram post below:

Foxx explains in the post that the journey to prepare for this project began a few months ago with a regiment of pull-ups, dips, and pumps. He recognizes that there is a long way to go, but he is 100% dedicated to getting where he needs to be to play the role properly. Imitating Tyson won’t be a problem because Foxx has proven time and time again that he has the voice and character ready and ready to go. Transforming the body is a process, especially if they are aiming for Foxx to have Tyson’s physique at its peak in the 1980s. They did not call the “Iron” guy Mike for no good reason.

It will be interesting to see what aspects of Tyson’s life they will explore, as he has had one of the most infamous and interesting lives of anyone in the public eye. He grew up with nothing and paved the way for a great career by becoming a boxing champion and uniting the WBC, WBA and IBF boxing titles before he was 20 years old. Tyson’s life took a turn when he spent three years in prison in the 1990s on a rape conviction and it’s no secret that he lived a very volatile life. In recent years, Tyson has cleaned up his life and started making a new name for himself after appearing in THE HANGOVER in 2009. The pivotal moment with this film has rekindled interest in Tyson and has been the mainstay of the pop culture since then. . He even has an adult animated television series called Mike Tyson Mysteries which has been broadcast since October 2014.

At 52, Foxx is only a year younger than Tyson right now, so I guess the movie will be mostly about the later life of the boxer, but it should still be an intriguing biopic. What do you think Jamie Foxx took on for Mike Tyson?


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