James Dolan could ride to the rescue of the Islanders ‘Coliseum?


Maybe Jim Dolan will go to the rescue.How this would happen if the CEO of the Garden rushed in to save the Coliseum for the Islanders for one season before the team could settle in to his new digs at Belmont Park for 2021-2022?

Because of the Large Old Barn on which the Oak View Group, a subsidiary of Dolan and MSG, was bid in 2013 before losing the rights to its renovation for the benefit of Barclays is available again. Immediate and shocking.

In fact, the current owner, Mikhail Prokhorov of Onexim Sports and Entertainment, announced on Monday that it would close the doors of the Coliseum “indefinitely” while looking for investors to take over the lease and to assume the remaining debt of approximately $ 100 million on the arena, as shown for the first time. by Bloomberg News.

If the building is closed, it means that the Islanders return to Brooklyn for the season 2020-21, which will begin probably at least the end of December or will have to find excavation temporary before being able to claim their new arena that is under construction and should be ready as planned for the season 2021-2022 NHL.

So, again, there is uncertainty for this franchise from sinking which, apparently, is never permitted to sail on a sea of sweet or to have beautiful new things without survive to a stirred major. Maybe all this is paying for the Dynasty: go win four Stanley cups in a row and 19 consecutive rounds in the playoffs, but then be reduced to the nomads in a dozen years. Maybe it was a good deal that the then owner, John Pickett, had concluded with the devil.

(No, not Lou Lamoriello; not then, at least)

For the first time in ages, the way of the Islanders to the future did not seem bothered by the doubt when governor Andrew Cuomo announced on 28 February that the team would play all its matches in the playoffs of 2020 and all calendar home 2020-21 (plus the playoffs). ) at the Coliseum.

Not now.

Of course, uncertainty abounds in the midst of this pandemic, which has claimed the lives of more than 115,000 people in this country. The NHL has closed its doors on march 12, attempts to conclude an agreement with the LNHPA that will allow the league to get back on the ice with a tournament of 24 teams from the Stanley Cup which will be held in two major cities without fans in the stands.

The Islanders, who have played 24 of their 35 home games at the Coliseum this season, will compete in the best of five qualification matches against Florida, probably in Las Vegas. The availability of the buildings this year, therefore, is not a problem. This is the next season, of which at least a part could also be played without spectators in the arenas.

Therefore, it is possible that the problem becomes theoretical for the fans, but it will not be for the team, which will need a place to play. Brooklyn? This would-it not mean that the divorced couple is forced to continue to live in his same old apartment because one of them has no where else to go?

But if the doors to the Coliseum are closed and that Barclays is willing (if not obliged by the lease to the Islanders, then it is better to be homeless.

Dolan, like all owners of entertainment properties, has obviously undergone a financial crisis during the pandemic. The garden is closed, Radio City is closed, the theatre Beacon is closed, as are its rooms across the country. In this environment, the CEO of Garden, therefore, can not choose to make another jump on the opportunity to buy the Coliseum and develop the land around the building.

But if the Garden is involved… and if the Coliseum is open for business, hockey by 2020-21 if there are affairs of hockey in 2020-21… well, how much would it be delicious for the Rangers, indirectly, to give to the Islanders and their fans with the gift to sing, one last time?

In addition, what would you say about this agreement with Matt Barzal for Boo Nieves?


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