James Corden in tears during a touching speech on the death of George Floyd


James Corden shared an emotional message calling on the Late Late Show to respond to the death of George Floyd.

The 41-year-old British TV presenter, who hosts the US-based late night talk show, shared his horror at the “assassinations of unarmed black citizens by whites” in a lengthy monologue.

The actor and comedian was visibly shaken as he addressed his viewers on “one of the saddest, scariest and most important moments of our lives.”

In his passionate statement, Corden called on white citizens to solve a problem they had created and said the time had come to speak.

Later in the show, he was joined by group leader Reggie Watts via video call, and the two were in tears as they discussed racial injustice in their emotional conversation.

Sitting in front of his desk in a suit, James began by thanking viewers for standing by to watch the show before starting his moving message.

James Corden delivered an emotional message about the current situation

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“As you all know, on Monday of last week, a black man by the name of George Floyd was murdered by excessive police force,” said James.

“If it was a one-time event, it would be a terrible and horrible tragedy that should shake us all.

“Yet it was the latest in a series of murders of black citizens unarmed by whites. Breonna Taylor was shot dead by police in her own home. Ahmaud Arbery was going for a run when he was shot and killed by two men. And unfortunately, there are so many more victims than I could mention. ”

Reggie details his experiences of racism in a heartbreaking discussion

James revealed that he was having trouble figuring out what to say during the show and how to use his platform to respond to national unrest.

He added later, “It is surely the time for me to listen, not to speak. And then I realized that was part of the problem.

“People like me have to speak up.

“To be clear, I’m not talking about the late night hosts or the lucky people like me having a platform. I’m talking about white people.

James Corden was in tears talking to co-star Reggie Watts

“How can the black community solve a problem it has not created? “

“White people can no longer say – yeah I’m not a racist and I think that’s enough, because it’s not. It’s not sufficient. Because make no mistake, this is our problem to solve. How can the black community dismantle a problem it has not created? ”

James went on to point out that black and brown communities have suffered greatly from the pandemic while having less access to health care.

“So they help society more, but they get less help. We should not just try to understand rabies. We must feel the rage. “

James hosts The Late Late Show and dedicated Monday’s episode to express outrage at the death of George Floyd

In his segment alongside Reggie Watts, the musician also detailed heartbreaking stories about the racism he had lived throughout his life.

James and Reggie join a long list of celebrities who have expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement and denounced racism and police brutality in a time of global unrest.

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