Jamal Adams safety jets on the cowboy trade: “I’m trying”


New York Jets’ dissatisfaction with security Jamal Adams, who formally requested a trade on Thursday, apparently has a prime destination – and that’s no surprise.In a cell phone video posted on social media and presumably shot dead in the Dallas area on Sunday, a fan spotted Adams in his Mercedes SUV and asked, “Are you coming to Dallas? ”

Adams replied, “I’ll try, bro. ”

The Cowboys are among the seven Adams teams hosting a trade, ESPN Adam Schefter reported. Adams grew up in the Dallas area and attended Hebron High School in Carrollton, Texas, 31 km from AT&T Stadium.


The Jets did not grant clearance for a trade, so it would be a violation of the fight against the forgery of the rules if Adams to communicate with another team.

The Cowboys emerged as contenders for the October transaction deadline when they entered into talks with the Jets. At the time, Adams told his friends that he wanted a trade to happen, a source said. When he didn’t have one, he claimed the Jets betrayed because he thought he was worthy of being untouchable.

The Jets did not comment on Adams’ trade request, but sources say the team has no plans to trade him.

“It’s time to move on,” Adams said on social media Friday.

Adams, who is releasing a Pro of the season, is said to be frustrated with the lack of progress and communication in contract negotiations. He wants an expansion that will make him the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. He is two years on his contract, and the Jets do not seem to be interested in extending his contract until 2021.

The Cowboys could use a playmaker on defense, but they only have around $ 11 million in the cork room. Quarterback Dak Prescott is counting $ 31.4 million, the amount of his exclusive tag deductible. If he signs a long-term contract, he could lower his charge cap and create more flexibility for the team to add Adams.

A source said Adams wants to play cowboys so much that he might be ready to extend the talks.


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