Jacqueline Jossa puts on a pair of denim shorts during a family outing with her children


Jacqueline Jossa dressed for the weather while enjoying a sunny outing with her children.The former EastEnders actress was seen swinging a pair of revealing denim shorts and a bright yellow cardigan as she loaded the girls Mia and Ella into the car.

The 27-year-old mom made free makeup for the outing with her long hair scraped into a bun and finished her laid-back look with a pair of gold flip-flops.

Jacqueline and her daughters were without Dan Osborne for the day, after he revealed that he had returned to his tattoo parlor to prepare for the opening after the lockout.

Jacqueline Jossa was kissing the sunny weather when going with her daughters

Loved mom hugged Ella as they enjoyed their daughter-in-law’s outing while Dan Osborne returned to work

The couple would separate during the pandemic that put their marriage to the test.

I’m A Celebrity winner Jacqueline denied the allegations, saying, “There is no separation. There is no divorce. We work together and not against each other. ”

Jacqueline has since moved the drama’s past to hook up to her latest collaboration, InTheStyle.

The star has started modeling items from the spring-summer collection at home in recent weeks by transforming his living room and garden into a makeshift runway to advertise the clothes to fans.

Jacqueline was hard to miss in her yellow tank top

Mom is currently climbing high after releasing another successful line of clothing with InTheStyle

She revealed to her disciples that the size was 12 in the articles and insisted that the range was “true to size”.

Posing in a blue shirt dress, she said, “Many of you asked but I wear a size 12 in everything, everything is true to size !! Please let me know below what you manage to get your hands on, I’m so excited to hear. ”

The soap star shared a series of photos on Instagram from her impromptu garden session.

Jacqueline modeled her collection at home in lockdown

EastEnders actress looked amazing in tiny jumpsuit

She wore a range of outfits ranging from a pink playsuit to a white summer dress.

Despite her confident appearance, Jacqueline said she learned to kiss what she called her “big legs and rollers.”

Fans quickly jumped on her comments and assured the mom that she looked amazing.

It comes after Jacqueline exposed the camera trick on Instagram.

Jacqueline Jossa showed her love handles in an inspiring positive video

Filming herself in pajamas, she said, “Look how small, I would say small, my waist looks. Yeah, pretty deceptive. Looks like I could be skinny, a skinny Minnie.

“So if you bring the pants back to that terrible length, you see, you know, she has love handles, she has something to grab.

“It’s life and it’s just like that and, you know, I thought about it in the bath, right, and I was like, ‘I literally have about eight rolls out there.’

“It’s the truth, I don’t think it’s bad, I don’t mind, I like it,” she insisted.


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