Jackass star Steve-O receives half of his ear plucked from the bloody curling stunt toe


Jackass star Steve-O had half of his ear snapped in a horrible and bloody stunt.The fearless stuntman was seen in a video lying on the ground with his ear resting on top of a metal bar.

Right next to the camera, UFC star Jon “Bones” Jones stands holding a hammer and “ready to hurt” Steve-O.

The scene then, suddenly, the cups of Steve-O standing with his ear, covered with blood and a large lump above him missing.

His white T-shirt is covered in blood, but it doesn’t seem to me that he’s there, smiling and laughing.

Steve-O wanted to know what the cauliflower ear feels like

The fighter can be heard saying, “Steve-O came to town, started talking about s ** t and you see how it turned out for him, I ripped half of his ear off.

“Do you think Mike Tyson did something for Holyfield?” Mike Tyson had nothing. ”

Steve-O takes out his phone and invited Jon as part of the pose for a selfie.

Not to show his skills, Steve-O then, after the modification of his bloody T-shirt, the sales, a large kitchen knife on the tip of his nose.

He ended up having half of his ear torn off after being hit with a hammer

The 46-year-old was training with the hunter and fellow UFC star Holly Holm at the Jackson Wink MMA Academy in New Mexico.

The waterfall shock came after Steve-O was sparring with the pair and, apparently, wanted to know what a “cauliflower” felt ear was.

Cauliflower in the ear is an ear defmormity that occurs when blood collects after being struck or hit, and is often associated with professional fighters.

He took part in the stunt with UFC, Jon “Bones” Jones

Jon shared the clip on his Twitter account and his followers were horrified, with some insisting that they did not “take advantage” of Steve-O.

One said, “No, Mike a little out of the ear. You only benefited from a recovery from addictive attention. If not, your guy has done a horrible job, whatever tempting it is in your mind to go viral. ”

“What the real f ** k,” another posted.

Jackass star Steve-O is so smiley he makes us want to undress and pierce something just to impress him! * Don't try this at home, kids, *
He is known to have participated in crazy stunts

While one asked, “Jesus, John !! don’t you feel bad hurting him so bad? Who seems crazy ”

But others have come to his defense, saying, this is nothing compared to some of the things Steve-O did in the past on the MTV show he played with Johnny Knoxville.

One fan commented, “Steve o had a lot worse done for him and even for the worst stuff done to himself”

And another wrote, “For people to wonder why, Steve-o said before he wanted cauliflower ear and I guess that’s how he’s going to do it”

A third posted on: “I still don’t understand how he is alive today. I’m glad it is, but I just didn’t get it. ”

Like he said at the start of every episode of Jackass, don’t try this at home.


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