J. K. Rowling tweets praise for Stephen King, then deletes it


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Happy Monday! Have you received an enthusiastic welcome to start your week? Paid an invoice? Called your senator? Planned a meal or two? If yes, you’re in good company, because J. K. Rowling, too, has already checked a box on its list of things to do: She has already finished her weekly bout of disappointing the people who love his books through a powerful combination of bigotry and pettiness.

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The Independent reports that Rowling has deleted a tweet in praise of a fellow author Stephen King to be one of the “men who stood up when they do not need to”, after the Cujo the author expressed his support of trans women. The interaction came after Rowling, who simply can’t stop talking about his damn views on trans issues, tweeted a quote from the late feminist writer Andrea Dworkin—a tweet that was itself a response to a British politician who”, who accused her of “using” her experience of family violence, to promote discrimination against the trans community.”

It is a good quote. The king retweeted it. This very happy Rowling (by the Independent):

In response, ms. Rowling tweeted her love for the King had reached new heights”.

She added: “It is much easier for men to ignore the concerns of women, or to belittle, but I will never forget the men who stood up when they don’t need. Thank you, Stephen.”

Well, that didn’t sit well with some of the constant readers, and when pressed, he had this to say:

Then, of course, Rowling just straight-up deleted his tweet praising the King, because, of course, if a man who supports the survivors of domestic violence also supports trans women, then that is just not acceptable.

Witness entirely trip below:

To paraphrase a certain book in the series: Remember, if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, just delete the tweet in a snit and keep digging this hole.

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