J.K. Rowling accused of transphobia after mocking the title “menstruation”


“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling trended on Twitter on Saturday after critics accused her of transphobia for mocking a headline about “menstruating men.”

Rowling, accused of transphobia for years, published an opinion piece on creating equality for “menstruation” in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic from Devex, a website that describes itself as a platform media for the global development community.

“” People who have their period. “I’m sure there was a word for these people. Someone is helping me. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud? Rowling tweeted.

Twitter users quickly responded to Rowling, noting that his tweet was not only exclusive for transgender men and women, but also for cisgender women who were no longer menstruating. Although critics vary in age, many have noted their disappointment with Rowling after years of admiration and the tolerant message of “Harry Potter.”

“I decided not to kill myself because I wanted to know how the story of Harry ended,” a user wrote. “For a long time, that’s all that kept me alive. Until I met my husband who helped me learn to love myself and want to live. You just insulted him in front of me. I hate you. “

Celebrities have also targeted Rowling for choosing to use his platform to resist the use of non-gendered language that excludes transgender and non-binary people. “Same Love” singer Mary Lambert called Rowling’s tweet “disgusting” and said that by pushing for such exclusionary language “you are making their lives infinitely more difficult.”

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“You have power and influence. Why would you want to do this? What is he doing? Lambert tweeted. “Do you feel more like a woman when you hit?” Are you threatened? Some trans men have their periods. Why does this affect you? Why do you want to control this? ”

Kim Petras tweeted at Rowling, telling the author to “read the play” and publish an article on Black Lives Matter.

“How’s the right time to start?” Petras tweeted.

GLAAD, a non-profit organization dedicated to LGBTQ issues, denounced Rowling’s tweets on its own Twitter account on Saturday.

“JK Rowling continues to align itself with an ideology that deliberately distorts the facts about gender identity and trans people,” the organization wrote. In 2020, there is no excuse to target trans people. ”

Rowling responded to his criticisms in a next Twitter feed, claiming that “the erasure of the concept of sex takes away the ability of many to discuss their lives in meaningful ways.

“I respect the right of every trans person to live in an authentic and comfortable way,” replied Rowling. “I would walk with you if you were discriminated against because of your trans. At the same time, my life has been shaped by being a woman. I don’t think it’s odious to say it. ”

Transgender people regularly face discrimination in work and health. President Donald Trump’s administration filed a brief last year with the Supreme Court, arguing that transgender workers are not protected by federal civil rights law and can be fired because of their gender identity .

Transgender and non-gendered people are also murdered on a global scale such as Transgender Day of Remembrance was founded in 1999 to honor their deaths.

Rowling has already been accused of promoting transphobic ideas on social networks and is sometimes called “TERF” or radical transexclusive feminist. In 2017, Rowling was called for having liked a tweet linked to a transphobic Medium article. She was later charged with transphobia after loving a tweet that called trans women “men in dresses,” although her spokesperson said at the time that Rowling accidentally slipped the “Like” button. .

In December, Rowling tweeted support for Maya Forstater, a British researcher who lost her job in a non-profit think tank following a series of tweets that have been criticized as transphobic. A judge ruled on a complaint filed by Forstater against his former employer, stating that Forstater’s speech violated the “dignity” of transgender people and was not protected by UK law.

“Dress as you want. Call yourself whatever you want. Sleep with any willing adult who gets you, “Rowling tweeted with #IStandWithMaya. “Live your best life in peace and security. But to force women to quit their jobs to declare that sex is real? “

Rowling has been praised in the past for supporting the LGBTQ community, including revealing that one of the most central characters in “Harry Potter”, director Albus Dumbledore, was gay. But others felt that Rowling’s support had not gone far enough, noting that neither film nor book franchises were open on the character’s sexuality.


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