“It is false news! “: Teammates of the Net to defend Kyrie Irving in the middle of false allegations


The news of the return of the league has brought different responses of the players. Recently, Kyrie Irving was in the spotlight for being against return to Orlando in the middle of the protests against the coronavirus and BLM. According to the testimonies, when you call a team, ” Kyrie spoke of players forming their own league. But it turns out that false news circulating on the star of the Net in the past 24 hours.The reporter for the New York Daily, Stefan Bondy, wrote that Kyrie being against the action of the NBA at the end of July suggested a parallel plan of a league separate. He even clarified that this was not linked to the situation of the bubble, but a reason later was involved.

“To be clear about it, Kyrie Irving has proposed to his teammates to create their own league, and this is not necessarily in response to the situation of bubble “, Has been reported to Bondy.

After all the havoc that this has created, the reporter from Bleacher Report, Taylor Rooks, has said that the information was false. She tweeted after receiving the news of the return of the season, Kyrie had left the group chat.

The teammates of the Brooklyn Net take a firm stance against the false news of the spread of Kyrie Irving

To support this, the other two players of the Brooklyn Net have confirmed that the new Bondy was false. They have supported Irving for false allegations against him. Theo Pinson, a young shooting guard of the Net, was written in response to the tweet from Stefan saying: “These are false news! Stop it! “

Another player, Chris Chiozza, has also taken up a position to his teammate on Twitter. “You make up just some shit about my guy now … cut the cap, you get bored really,” Chris gave a frank answer.

In addition, Kyrie Irving had openly criticized the re-opening of the NBA a few days ago. It does not go with the decision to play games after the systemic racism and police brutality have become central issues in the country. Kyrie has clearly avoided the idea of the return of the league to Disney World. The recent death of George Floyd has influenced many players, including Kyrie. And some have even supported the position of Kyrie on the upcoming season.


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