Iran to send black boxes of Ukrainian jet to read in France


PARIS – Iran will send the black boxes of a Ukrainian passenger plane shot down in January to France to be decrypted, said the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

All 176 people on the Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) Boeing 737 airliner died in a field crash shortly after takeoff from Tehran on January 8.

Iran initially blamed the accident for a technical problem, but later admitted to having unintentionally shot down the airliner amid increased tensions with US forces in neighboring Iraq.

ICAO wrote on Twitter that Iran had informed it that the boxes – the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder – would be read in France on July 20 with the participation of all the countries concerned.

French aviation accident investigation agency BEA confirmed that Iran had requested technical assistance to repair the boxes and download their data.

Canada, which is home to almost half of the passengers on the flight, had previously urged Tehran to send the boxes to France as Iran did not have the technical capacity to recover the data.

The Canadian Transportation Safety Board tweeted that it would send a team of investigators to help download the data.


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