Iran sends black boxes from failed Ukrainian plane to France


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Paris (AFP)

Iran will send France next month the black boxes of a Ukrainian passenger plane that Tehran’s armed forces mistakenly shot down in January, killing 176 people on board, French aviation investigators said Friday. .

Iran asked for help to repair and download cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder data for Ukrainian Airlines flight 752, investigating authority tweeted on civil aviation safety.

“The technical work is scheduled to start on July 20 … The security investigation is being led by Iran,” he added.

The Boeing 737 was hit by two missiles and crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran airport on January 8.

The Islamic Republic admitted a few days later that its forces had accidentally shot down the airliner bound for Kiev.

Many of the passengers on board were Canadian, and Ottawa has been asking for months that Iran – which does not have the technical means to decode the black boxes – send the items abroad so that their contents can be analyzed.

The black boxes should contain information about the final moments before the aircraft was struck.

Iran said the delay in sending the boxes was due to the coronavirus pandemic, which saw most of the international flights canceled.


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