Interview with Jordan Henderson | “It’s a unique feeling – I’m so proud”


                                Jordan Henderson a parlé de son immense fierté après avoir mené Liverpool à la gloire de la Premier League.

Le premier titre de haut vol des Reds depuis 1990 a été approuvé mercredi soir lorsque Manchester City, deuxième, a perdu contre Chelsea.

Henderson and his teammates won the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup, the FIFA Club World Cup and the Premier League in just over 12 months.

And the skipper explained how his latest feat feels in an interview with immediately after the confirmation of the championship…

Jordan and Liverpool are Premier League champions. How does it feel?

Amazing, it’s hard to describe to be honest. But after the final whistle, it was still an incredible feeling, especially to spend it with all the guys and the staff. Finally, crossing the line is a relief but also an incredible feeling.

What were the emotions like watching the match at Stamford Bridge?

We were quite relaxed, just trying to enjoy the game, but then a little action at each end of the field, it was a bit tense. There were a lot of things going on, especially in the second half, so it was a good match to watch and at the end we were obviously delighted with the result and I hope we can start celebrating once i will be finished here!

You are all here together, how important was it for you to be able to enjoy this time together after working so hard for it?

It was really important for us to be together, I think, right now. We weren’t sure if we were going to watch the game together, but I felt like if something happened, where City and the drop points were winning, I felt it was good to be together and luckily we were tonight and we can all celebrate together.

Was there a moment or a game during the season when you thought “this could be the key moment”?

I know you’re probably bored of saying that the next game is the main goal and that’s all we focus on, but honestly, it’s the truth, it was the truth at the time and it always will be. That’s the goal, it’s so narrow and you just want to focus on every game because that’s why we were so successful last year and that’s why every game we were able to be so consistent because we haven’t really thought about the end goal. We are thinking about these 90 minutes and this team that we are playing against, so I think it has worked very well for us. It wasn’t just something I said, or the guys said, in front of the cameras, it was the truth. We didn’t want to think about four, five, 10, 15 games later, because you can’t change that – all you can change is the next game. And as I say, it felt like we’ve done it very well so far throughout the season and now it’s another challenge to be able to do it by the end of the season.

What about the Manchester United game at Anfield in January, when fans started singing “we’re going to win the league” …

There have been many matches where I felt there were big results and great performances at certain stages of the season, but at the same time I never got carried away after a victory or a performance – c “was really a job, let’s get back to playing now and start over and continue until we get to this point.” You never know what’s going to happen in football, you can never predict what’s going to happen in the future, so you have to live for the moment, live for the match and the next match and just focus on those 90 minutes. Sometimes it can be difficult when you have outside noise and people want to talk to you about it all the time, after each game, but it has been a very good strength of ours this season where it has not bothered us . I think it comes from the experience of the past two years and we have really managed to manage it.

In 2014, you missed a few points. Last year, you missed a point. What does this mean for you personally?

A lot! As you say, I was close last year, very close, and 2014 I was close again and the two [times] lost in City. So yes, it seems really special to me, but I am also very happy for my teammates, for the fans, for the club as a whole, because they have been waiting for this Premier League title for so long. I’m so proud to be part of this football club and this group of guys; they deserve it, I know how hard they work every day in training. What we have done in the past two seasons, I have felt we deserve to win the Champions League, the Super Cup, the Club World Cup and now the Premier League. Now it’s about going on, staying hungry and going on and I have no doubt that the players at this football club will want to do it.

You went so close last season, how did you manage to not fall but get started and be even better this quarter?

I think you can use that as motivation and as extra energy to keep going and really want to do it, to want to cross the finish line and finish the job. Last season we played so well and we were unlucky, but City was amazing and they managed to pump us in the end. We continued until the last day and that’s all we could really ask for. Obviously, a few weeks later, the Champions League victory helped, and then I think we started again and we were amazing this season. For now, it’s about continuing to improve, continuing to do what we did to get to this point, but also continuing to improve, learning more and if we do, I’m pretty sure there will be more trophies available for us in the near future.

Finally, what will the lifting of the Premier League trophy mean to you? It’s been 30 years since a Liverpool captain has done this …

I could never describe in words the feeling of winning the Premier League, just as I could not describe the victory in the Champions League. It’s a unique feeling that I’m still very proud of. I was very honored to be part of this football club from the first moment I came and to go on a trip with this manager, this group of players, these fans – it was so special. But we will appreciate that, we will celebrate, but I know that in the coming days, they will be directly at the next game, which is City, and finish the season as well as possible. We want to win every game and we want to finish with the highest possible point record and give everything we have, then we will go to next season and we will want more. So it’s just about keeping that hunger and I have no doubt that we have it because we have proven it in the past two years. Even when we won trophies and lost trophies, we reacted the right way, so I have no doubt that we will react the right way again.



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