Inside Khloe Kardashian’s lavish birthday with True, cakes and gifts galore


Khloe Kardashian gave fans a window into her lavish birthday celebrations as she entered the midlife hike on Saturday.The star of The Incredible Kardashian Family is officially 36 years old.

With coronavirus blocking measures in place for much of America, there was a chance that the reality star might not be able to celebrate as far as a normal Kardashian would.

But Khloe has proven that she is able to surround herself with luxury and lavish gifts – and has gone on social media to give fans a glimpse of her pampered day.

Khloe Kardashian celebrated 36 years on Saturday

Opening her Instagram stories on Saturday, Khloe shared a treasure trove of pictures showing the gifts she received on D-Day.

A new Christian Dior bag brightened Khloe’s day by starting to unwrap the gifts.

The colorful number featured green, blue, pink, purple, beige and brown camouflage, while the leather bag featured clips and gold details.

Khloe went to Instagram Stories to share snapshots of her gifts – including a designer handbag

Khloe illustration with daughter True wowed reality star

She captioned a snap of the bag: “Hello lovers !!! ”

The star found herself touched by illustrations that reached her in the post.

An artist had drawn pictures of Khloe with her daughter True – whom she shares with boyfriend Tristan Thompson – and she seemed delighted with the results.

Sharing a photo of one of the illustrations, Khloe sprang: “Wow! I can’t believe this most beautiful and thoughtful birthday present that @handmadehighlights gave me for my birthday. “

Pretty Little Thing cake included photos of Khloe and True

The reality star shared a lot of pictures of all the flowers she had received

A bouquet of flowers also arrived for the star, with bouquets and bouquets of roses, peonies and other flowers were photographed and shared by the star.

A giant heart-shaped bouquet of letters can delight the star – with a shared post revealing that they had been sent by a close friend Malika.

There were lots of balloons in Khloe’s house while she was celebrating.

K-shaped balloons brightened a corner of Khloe’s mansion

More balloons and flowers flooded the kitchen

Donuts with the name True on them were also delivered to the star

A giant letter K had been created by carefully assembled pink balloons which also included dozens of paper decorations.

While it looked like Khloe had a range of cakes to choose from, one of the gifts from online retailer Pretty Little Thing included pictures of herself and butterfly decorations.

Donuts adorned with the name True were also sent to the reality star – and a video shared by a makeup artist showed the star blowing candles on another cake.


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