Inhaler that allows coronavirus victims to treat themselves ” will be put to the test in united KINGDOM


Potentially save the life of the inhaler which treats of coronavirus in its infancy and is being deployed at a national scale in the trial.

Scientists hope that it will prevent people entering the rapid deterioration phase of the disease where the victims develop respiratory problems.

The nebulizer uses an investigational drug that is inhaled into the lungs, and helps the immune system fight the infection.

Scientists believe they have found an inhaler (see photo), which deals with coronavirus in its early stages

It could be a game changer, as there is currently no treatment for Covid-19 to the outside of the hospital.

People are simply told to self-isolate, in the hope that their condition does not deteriorate.

The principal investigator, Professor Nick Francis, of the University of Southampton, said: “This trial is unique in that we are targeting those with risk factors for severe illness, very early in the course of their infection.

“By creating a “virtual network” of the study of doctors and nurses, we are able to recruit, consent, and provide a daily follow-up of patients in their own home just about anywhere in the united KINGDOM.

‘The early treatment may be key to prevent serious complications, hospitalizations, and death. “

The inhaler, in the photo, runs a drug called SNG-001 in a fine mist so that it can be inhaled deeply into the lungs.

The doctors believe it will give people the ability to treat themselves rather than simply hope for the best.

The Daily Mail revealed last month that the experts at the Hospital of the University of Southampton was launched the study.

It was limited to people living within 40 miles of the city because the researchers wanted to give the patients the medicine within 72 hours of symptoms appearing.

The inhaler, who studied at the University of Southampton (see photo), is being deployed at a national scale in the trial

The inhaler, who studied at the University of Southampton (see photo), is being deployed at a national scale in the trial

At this point, the national coronavirus test system was taking too much time, therefore, the experts have set up their own testing lab in the city to speed up the response time.

But the test system is now working much more quickly, meaning, the researchers can give the inhaler of people across the UK for the first time.

Any person who tests positive for the virus, and is over 65 years of age or over 50 with some other health problems can sign up for the study.

Richard Marsden, of the biotech firm Synairgen, which is conducting the trial, said last night: “Things have dramatically improved with the national coronavirus test system – people are now getting results very quickly. This means that we can get this across the united KINGDOM.’

The expansion also means that it will be faster to trial to provide results. The researchers publish these when they have treated 120 people.

SNG-001 uses a protein called interferon-beta, that our bodies produce in the course of a viral infection.

It is already used as an injection to stimulate the immune response of people with multiple sclerosis.

Scientists believe that if it is inhaled, it can help the lungs to fight the infection and stop the coronavirus from the creation of the serious breathing problems that have killed tens of thousands of people.

Any person who tests positive for the disease and adapts to the age profile can sign up for the trial.

The Participants blast on the nebuliser per day for 14 days, and be assessed via a video link. Synairgen is also possible to test the treatment on 100 patients of the hospital.

To take part in the study visit


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