“Inapplicable” air bridges could lead to tourist subterfuge


URestrictions on summer travel could lead to a “tourist subterfuge”, travelers flying to an approved destination and then driving a short distance to a missing area on the UK’s airlift list, experts warned.

Paul Charles, spokesperson for the Quash Quarantine campaign group, which represents 400 of the largest travel and hospitality businesses in Britain, said: “It is very difficult to restrict the freedom of movement of people when it s is to travel to Europe, due to the nature of the Schengen Zone. This allows me to fly in one country, then travel by car without borders, which prevents me from traveling from one country to another, especially now that they open. ”

He added that the system would be unworkable and that people could easily reach a different destination by crossing the borders. For example, nothing will prevent someone from flying to Seville and making the short drive for a beach vacation in the Algarve, or disembarking in Cologne before ending up in Amsterdam for the weekend.

“I think the government realizes that it is more difficult than it thinks to create these corridors with such narrow criteria,” said Charles, also managing director of PC Consultancy. “I think the government will undoubtedly have to widen the number of corridors it originally created.”

At present, France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Germany are the only European countries likely to be included in the first stage of air bridges with the United Kingdom. The government is expected to confirm the countries on the airlift list this weekend, with around 10 European countries named through the first two stages. Charles believed that this number could be raised to 20 or 30, asking that countries which were not included be the exception rather than the rule.

For example, it makes sense not to allow travel to countries with a high number of cases, such as Sweden, but to create arbitrary rules regarding other European countries which all have an R number lower than ours. is meaningless and cannot be watched. .

Charles concluded: “We have to start again, we cannot sit back and hope that the economy will recover by doing nothing. We have to manage a recovery. Of course, health is important and should be the number one priority, but we must also go there, shake up the economy and allow travel again, albeit with certain restrictions. “


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