In letter to uniformed members, NYPD commissioner says they will have to tackle crime differently and with fewer street stops


“In today’s climate, we have to fight crime differently. We will do it with fewer street stops – perhaps putting you at less risk and less responsibility – while making better use of the data, information and all the technology at our disposal, “Commissioner Dermot Shea wrote.

“This means that for the NYPD part, we will be redoubling our precision control efforts. And we hope that changes in some laws would put in prison people who dare to carry illegal firearms in New York and for our five district attorneys. to fully prosecute the criminals we bring to them – we basically need all parts of the system to work in unison for the best results. ”

The data showed that there were 38 homicides over 28 days, twice as many as the same period last year until June 14. So far this year, there have been 159 homicides, 25% more than last year, statistics also show.Filming incidents in 2020 are also on the rise, with 394 incidents to date, an increase of 24% from 317 shooting incidents at this stage last year.

Dissolution of officers of the anti-crime unit

The way we control this city must evolve to be effective, says Shea.

He thanked the officers of the dissolved Crime Unit for “actively fighting crime, removing illegal firearms from the streets and, quite frankly, saving lives.”

“To these cops: thank you for the incredible work you have done – and will continue to do in other equally important roles – on behalf of all the people we serve. I want you to know that my decision to disband the plainclothes teams is in no way a negative reflection on you or your accomplishments, “said Shea in the letter.

“You have courageously and skillfully done exactly what we asked you to. And I know you also recognize that the way we control this city has to change if we are to move forward effectively. ”

The commissioner announced earlier this week that the NYPD will reassign 600 plainclothes officers to new roles as of today.

“This is a seismic change in the way the NYPD manages this big city. It will immediately be felt among the five offices of district prosecutors. It will be felt immediately in the communities we protect, ”added Shea.

These officers will now work in “a variety of missions, including detective offices, neighborhood police services and other missions,” he said. The NYPD will always have plainclothes officers in the ranks, he said.

The reassignments also close one of the last chapters of stop-and-frisk, Shea added.

“I think what we are still fighting as police officers is not to limit crime, it is to limit crime and keep the community with us and I think these two things sometimes , disagreed, “said Shea.


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