“I’m really lucky to be here”: the path to recovery from coronavirus


After spending 16 days unconscious on a ventilator due to Coronavirus, Steve Robinson says he’s “really lucky to be here.”A month in the hospital with Covide-19 – leading to double pneumonia and infection – left him “not able to do” the little things he could have easily done before.

A weekly online physiotherapy course is just the beginning of his recovery.

Physiotherapist Sarah Gotke knows the schedule is long and says recovery “is not months, not weeks.””They don’t understand very much why they’re so weak because they don’t remember the trip they just made,” she says.

“Then their expectation of how quickly they will improve is often unrealistic.”

Robinson understands this frustration, said: “My brain says you need to do more, but my brain says, “You’re not doing anything, buddy!

“I find it really frustrating to be so fit in advance and now not be able to do these things. My body is letting me down.

Each week, he meets other people who have been treated for coronavirus -some who have been ventilated and sedated for more than 40 days.

After only five days in intensive care, patients can lose up to 80 percent of their muscle – making the smallest of movements a struggle.

By video call, the group shares the experiences, symptoms and lasting impacts of the virus.

Lucy Mummery, an intensive care nurse, says they can range from “shortness of breath, pain, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, memory problems” and more.

Participating together in courses is a way for patents to treat life after coronavirus.

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