Ian Mulgrew: Growing feud between lawyers, Eby on ICBC


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He cited medical benefits that will range from the $ 300,000 limit to a maximum of at least $ 7.5 million today, an income replacement benefit that will be 60 percent higher – up ‘at $ 1,200 per week, with the option to purchase a higher limit, and a new permanent-depreciation of benefits offering up to $ 250,000 in compensation.

“Largely by removing lawyers and legal fees from the system, we expect $ 1.5 billion in overall cost reduction, which will significantly reduce the cost of insurance for BC pilots, while while at the same time improving care and recovery of benefits. ”

However, retired public servant Richard McCandless, who continues to study and write about Crown corporations, has suggested that the Attorney General is being optimistic.

The pandemic has fueled the firm’s fire and it is likely to face significant operating loss and negative equity, it said in a recent comment.

The idea of ​​continuing at low interest rates will place further pressure on ICBC finance and could act “as a big wind in the face of any attempt by the provincial government to get its goal affordable. through lower auto insurance rates. ”

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