Ian Beale actor Adam woodyatt is bombarded with it daily with “I left nothing” memes


EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt talked to Stacey Dooley about Secrets Avec Le Carré night from Monday to Tuesday.He was joined by co-star Letitia Dean, who plays Sharon Watts, and the duo discussed behind-the-scenes secrets and watched their most iconic moments of their time to show it off.

One of them was Ian Beale from the “I have nothing left” scene with Phil Mitchell, when he started sobbing in Phil’s arms.

Ian Lucy Beale’s daughter had been murdered, and Ian was heartbroken.

Adam says the scene is still out of context and he is sent at least three times a day

The heartbreaking scene became a meme and popular reaction of the image on social media, with t-shirts from the scene itself.

Adam revealed that he had sent photos of this scene every day that people created different memes for it.

Looking back, Adam commented, “How many chins? , Referring to himself.

The “I have nothing left” the crying of the scene has become a meme

“You look like Jim Davidson,” said Letitia.

Adam added, “I have to get this clip sent three times a day if not more.

“It’s so out of context, now it’s used for everything, for the ‘I’m out of toilet paper’. ”

“It became a meme, it means you did,” joked Stacey.

The actors also hinted at what’s in store for his friendship characters, as Ian is secretly responsible for Sharon, son of Dennis the dead, and she has no idea yet.

Letitia replied, “I think she is going to be absolutely devastated. ”

Stacey asked if it’s “an obstacle they can’t get over,” and Letitia agreed that it would be.

“Or does Ian manage to see his way out of it by justifying it in a certain way or spinning another lie?” Teased Adam.

He also revealed the pandemic could affect Ian’s purchase of the ad as the scripts will reflect real life.

He said, “There are probably going to be some financial ramifications with the lockdown, the money Ian thought he had to buy the Vic, he is not going to have a lot of going ahead.

“I had this allusion, so there is a lot of uncertainty, we don’t know. ”

EastEnders airs Secrets De La Place on Monday at 8 p.m., and classic episodes every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on BBC One.


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