I Can Destroy You the bloody scene praised for normalizing the period of sex


Viewers of the BBC drama comedy series, I Can Destroy You praised it for showing it to show a woman having sex during her period.The new Chewing Gum series writer-star Michaela Coel follows eccentric writer Arabella (Coel) as she sails modern-day meetings and work on her latest novel, while also addressing the critical issue of consent to sex.

In the dramatic scenes, the show examines the fallout of Arabella being sexually assaulted after her drink is drugged, but the series also explores consent and sexual taboos in other areas.

In the third episode, we flashback to three months before her assault and see Arabella on vacation in Italy.

After leaving clubbing and consuming copious drugs and alcohol, Arabella is taken care of by the sober Italian man Biagio (Marouane Zotti) who goes home with her.

Michaela Coel Arabella in I Can Destroy You

In addition to raising the question of his consent to have sex with a drunk Arabella, she also reveals that she is on the period.

* Warning: the graphic content discussed *

The pair go on the attempted sexual encounter, anyway, with the scene in their bedroom showing Arabella removing her blood-soaked tampon.

Shortly after the onset of intercourse, the encounter ends when they notice that Arabella has put on a fairly large blood clot, before the camera shows Biagio managing the clot.

Arabella with her lover Biagio

The no-holds-barred moment when the series was praised on social media for its honesty in the fight against women’s sexual experiences.

A fan wrote on Twitter: “Omg this period, the scene is very real in I Can Destroy You, f ** k, that’s what happens when you have female writers !!!!!!!!!! !! So I’m here for that. ”

Another spectator commented: “I can destroy you is f *** ing great tv, normalizing the period of sex and mmf triplets in one go … loving it. “

Arabella had been drinking and taking drugs before meeting her, raising questions of consent

Meanwhile, another fan of the series on twitter: “Wow. I Can Destroy You is different from what I’ve ever seen. the relatable, first representations of sex and relationships on the screen, the dialogue, the layers of meaning with each gesture, at the shows !!! The period of sex !! #IMayDestroyYou#MichaelaCoel “.

Elsewhere, another I Can Destroy You fan commented, “As if this show couldn’t get any better I absolutely cannot adore Michaela Coel for showing what sex and periods are like together in the I Can Destroy You.” @MichaelaCoel#IMayDestroyYou “.

Finally, a Twitter user concluded: “I Can Destroy You is exhilaratingly good. It makes me dizzy, that’s good.

“We are going to look at the little blood clot period for the third time today. Just love the tender, gross strangeness of it. ”

The series continues to explore consent and sexual assault at the latest, but as it tackles these issues with character first and foremost, there’s a lot of humor alongside the serious scenes too.

Michaela Coel commended for work on BBC drama

Meanwhile, superstar Adele praised Michaela Coel’s series on Instagram.

She wrote: “” I Can Destroy You “is the best thing I have seen on British TV for yeaaaarssss !! Go look on the iplayer on the right now. It’s healthy, uncomfortable, hilarious, but terribly sad and then awkward … and then it makes you cough a little for no reason and you are going to put the kettle on, for no reason.

“You could pretend you need a pee and then, you get a little itchy, then it makes you ask your daughters for things you didn’t have before. And then makes you want to run down the street and laugh so hard like crazy until you cry for hours! I’ve never felt so many emotions at once! Absolutely fantastic. Pro found ♥ ️ »»

I Can Destroy You releases of two episodes per week, on BBC iPlayer and continue Monday evening at 10.45 am.

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