Hundreds of people gather outside Leeds City Hall to protest police brutality after the death of George Floyd


Hundreds of protesters gathered in Leeds today, June 6, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement which has caught the world’s attention.Millions of people took to the streets around the world to march against police violence and racism after the death of George Floyd.

Floyd died after a white officer restrained him by kneeling him in Minneapolis on May 25, triggering days of protests in the United States.

In Leeds, around 200 people gathered this afternoon outside the town hall to show their support.

One protester, Rosie, 20, said the atmosphere was warm and cheerful.

“A lot of smiles and everyone seemed to be having fun,” she said.

“When I arrived, the crowd gathered in front of two police officers and chanted” take a knee “. There was also a mix of ages and races, not just young people. “

Nearly 200 people gathered outside the town hall

Rosie, who discovered the protest by accident, decided to join her when she cycled past the town hall.

“I heard one [protest] was organized from a tweet my friends shared, but he said it would be Sunday, so I didn’t know until I drove my bike near the town hall and saw the rally. ” said Rosie.

“I decided to stop because I support the cause and I wanted to show solidarity. ”

Many people, including Secretary of Health Matt Hancock, have criticized the mass rallies for fear of causing an outbreak of coronavirus infections.

But Rosie said, “You have to stand up for what’s right, no matter what. “


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