How Trump team sidelined from Coronavirus lap win


Pence pro-mask endorsement drew praise from government officials on Monday. A senior administration official said it was “a step in the right direction that President Trump should also take.”

Anne Schuchat, senior assistant director at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that “we need to get everyone on board at this time,” during a Monday webinar hosted by the Journal of the American Medical Association. (Schuchat did not quote Pence in particular, but spoke after the newspaper’s editor-in-chief of the vice president’s praise for coming in favor of masks over the weekend.)

But other recent observations in Pence – including his tour of honor during Friday’s press conference on the amount of medical supplies and equipment bought by the administration marked cruelly in contrast to the alarm bells senior health officials rang last week.

“There are more cases. There are more hospitalizations in some of these places, and soon you will be able to see more deaths, ”Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the health experts on the White House coronavirus task force, said during of the Pence information task force quietly watched over.

“The window closes,” added HHS Secretary Alex Azar during a Sunday morning appearance on the NBC channel. “We have to act, and people as individuals have to act responsibly.”

Azar comments preview of the loudest tone he and Pence have adopted in the past 48 hours, as more than a dozen members confronting alarming increases in confirmed Covid-19 cases that could overwhelm hospitals and plunge them a few communities in, those bans that residents and business owners eagerly hope to avoid.

Six states – Texas, Florida, Idaho, Tennessee, Utah and Georgia – all reported that their simplest day totals of new cases of coronavirus on Saturday, an Abbott development described as “very dangerous” to turn In its state.

Top White House officials remain divided over best course of action as the rate of new spikes in states across the US Some officials, including health aides, believe that the government must offer Americans more information on a regular basis on best practices to maintain the safety of Americans at the age of Covid-19 as well as further updates on new infections. Other helpers firmly believe that the White House should charge ahead with its economic message, regardless of the virus. The faction inside the White House does not want regular information on the status of Covid-19 or too many public appearances, officials, like Fauci who could sour the nation’s mood in the months to come.

The surge in infections has led a number of Republicans in the past 48 hours to begin promoting the idea of ​​wearing masks in public, or putting on face coverings themselves.

Pence wore a mask on Sunday as he alighted from the government plane in Texas to greet the governor, as did Father of John Cornyn, the White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr Deborah Birx and Housing and Urban Development Secretary to Ben Carson, who joined the vice president for his Sunday trip to Texas.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor on Monday to say, it must be “no stigma – no – wearing masks when we leave our homes and come close to other people.”

“Wearing simple face coverings is not about protecting us. It’s about protecting everyone we meet, ”McConnell said, a few weeks after Trump mocked his 2020 Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, for wearing a mask outside on the Memorial Day.

During Pence’s call with the governors on Monday, Abbott cited festivities on Memorial Day weekend, as well as his decision to allow bars to reopen, as two reasons that Texas witnessed the outbreak cases and hospitalizations in the past three weeks. Arizona Gouv. Doug Ducey similarly said coronavirus case in his state, slowed to a crawl before the explosion, which started after restaurants, gyms and non-core industries gave the green light to take over the business by May and early June.

The swell of the south are leading other states, such as New Jersey, to end their plans to open an indoor restaurant in restaurants – a mounting sign of worries hitting state leaders across the countries as they hoped to put an end to the crisis.

At a Coronavirus task force meeting on Friday, Presidential Advisor Kellyanne Conway – who managed the President in 2016 campaign – says the administration aids needed to make her priorities clear to the American public – including ideas, from whether it was more important for bars in Texas and Florida to re-open this summer, or for schools to start on time in the fall, said a person familiar with the meeting.

The White House coronavirus task force members devoted a lot of Monday’s call with the governors focusing on the causes behind the brutal increase in the number of cases, two people familiar with the discussion said. Missing from the conversation were precedent to Pence layoffs and others that the increase in cases was largely the result of the expansion of screening.

Although Trump has continued to hold on to more tests as the primary explanation for Covid-19 homes, Pence has come to terms with the reality that the test alone cannot account for the surge in cases from last week, according to someone familiar with their thinking.

In another striking departure from Trump, who sidelined the federal task force last month to ensure its reopening message was front and center, Pence expressly congratulated governors on Monday , to issue new directions or to cease their plans for reopening. It was a major departure from previous approvals from states that have run to start their savings back up.

Fauci, an infectious disease expert, who established ubiquitous on-screen presence during the early days of the pandemic, pointed to the resurgence of Covid-19 as a blunt reminder that often it can take two to three weeks for the new coronavirus clusters appear in the data.

A senior administrative officer said the Trump campaign was nervously monitoring Oklahoma’s data to determine if the president of the June 22 rally, including the local fire department estimated to 6,200 people attended, leading to an apparent surge in the surrounding counties over the next two weeks.

“There is certainly an acknowledgment that a surge is going on,” said one of the people familiar with Monday’s call to the governors, who this person said was “the first time” administration officials admitted that a slow reopening speed is probably safer than the fast approach Trump has embraced.

Still, Pence and other senior officials offered a rather optimistic view of the coronavirus crisis, pointing out that the country is better prepared to handle new outbreaks and encouraging governors to focus specifically on reminding young Americans of risks they could pose to the elderly, if they become infected. Azar on the call avoiding the flaws in the reopenings themselves for escalating cases, placing the blame rather than on people failing to behave responsibly as members to loosen their social distance restrictions.

Task force members have also been elusive about taking a firmer stance on wearing the mask, in response to Utah government. Gary Herbert made the request, on Trumpet’s call to join his vice president in urging Americans to wear masks.

The trump card of the administration is, however, considering a new round of public health guidance for how states can mitigate the risks of coronavirus, with a focus on warnings regarding rallies and the need for face coatings, said only three officials. This orientation could be released by July 4th holiday weekend when Trump is expected to be in South Dakota to participate in a fireworks show at Mount Rushmore.

Meanwhile, Pence has canceled campaign-related events in Florida and Arizona this week – two states where coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly, but are still expected to meet with the two governors.

Before leaving for Texas on Sunday, where he spoke at Dallas First Baptist Church alongside pro-Trump pastor Robert Jeffress and then met Abbott, Pence hosted last week’s press conference where he and the officials’ working group updated the Americans on the resurgence of viruses. A person familiar with the matter said Pence arrived at the decision to hold a public briefing – after behind-the-scenes weeks of task force meetings – after he and several health officials expressed his concern that lack of information may have contributed to the surge in coronavirus cases. The task force had stopped its near-daily briefings in early May, when the Trumpet and other senior administration officials began pushing states to reopen their economies.

But unlike these briefings, where senior economic officials often made appearances to promote the lifting of bans on non-essentials to our business and to congratulate the President on leadership, Friday’s update was almost singularly focused on the recent Covid-19 resolution encourages homes and Americans to exercise restraint and social distancing. While Pence spun an idyllic picture of test progress and dismissed concerns about the Hourly President’s campaign, he never intervened when health officials standing next to him gave it sober assessments of the state of the pandemic.


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