How to watch free games on Sky and Amazon Prime


That is what is available for free on the Beeb?

For his first foray into the football at the top level since 1992, the BBC may have chosen Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace, but you have to go with what you have, isn’t it? This should be at 19: 45 on Saturday 20 June and this will of course be free at the point of contact.

The second will be Norwich v Everton Wednesday, June 24, while the third has been confirmed as Southampton vs Manchester City Sunday, July 5. The details of the other match of the BBC are still exchanged by horses between the broadcasters and the football authorities.

And what was the first game back?

Telegraph Sport revealed that the first game of the Premier League in the wake of the crisis of the sars coronavirus would be Aston Villa against Sheffield United, and he began the resumption of the season at 18 hours on June 17.

Once again, not necessarily a match that the neutral had circled on their calendar at the beginning of the season, but there were a lot of viewers who connect to Sky Sports for this game at 18 hours, in front of Man City vs Arsenal 20 hours.

Is that Sky will make the games available for free?

Yes, it will. He announced that the derby of Merseyside would be available in the clear: this opportunity could see Liverpool crowned champions of the Premier League for the first time. It will be held on Sunday, 21 June at 19h.

Sky the broadcast chain free “Pick” and will broadcast simultaneously on Sky Sports. The choice is 159 on Sky and 144 on Freeview. You can also watch it on Now TV.

25 matches on Sky will be free of charge. You can see below

BT following it?

No, at the time of writing of this document, BT Sport will no game available for free.

And Amazon?

Last come in the landscape of the Premier League, Amazon Prime has four games and they will all be made available free of charge, that is to say that you will not need to be a paying member of Amazon Prime. Gawd bless you Mr. Bezos.

Amazon has announced that fans in the Uk can watch the games live on the streaming service Twitch, as well (of course) that on the application Premium Video on connected devices, without opt-in required. The “streamers Twitch of “foreground” co-circulate ” also the games, with more details on who and what exactly, will be announced.

The games Amazon will have the usual mix of punditry and commentary, with Gabby Logan, Roberto Martinez and Lee Dixon doing the pre-game preparation. The team reviews include Clive Tyldesley, Peter Drury and Ally McCoist. You can also use the “Atmosphere of the stadium” on the Premium app, so that it does not look like a game played in a gym school.

What we know so far (will be updated)

Wednesday, June 17,

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Friday, June 19

Saturday, June 20,

  • Watford v Leicester 12: 30 pm BT
  • Brighton vs Arsenal 15h BT
  • West Ham v Wolves 17: 30 SKY
  • Bournemouth v Crystal Palace, 19: 45 BBC – In The OPEN AIR

Sunday, June 21

  • Newcastle v Sheffield United 14: 00 Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR
  • Aston Villa v Chelsea 16: 15 SKY
  • Everton vs Liverpool – 19 Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR

Other free games confirmed

Wednesday, June 24,

  • Manchester United v Sheffield United 18h Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR
  • Norwich v Everton 6pm BBC – In The OPEN AIR

Thursday, June 25,

  • Burnley v Watford 6pm Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR

Sunday, June 28,

  • Watford v Southampton 16: 30 Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR

Monday, June 29,

  • Crystal Palace v Burnley 20h Amazon In The OPEN AIR

Tuesday, June 30,

  • Brighton v Manchester United 20: 15 Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR

Wednesday, 1st July

  • Bournemouth v Newcastle 6pm Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR

Saturday 4 July

  • Leicester v Crystal Palace 15: 00 Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR

Sunday, July 5

  • Burnley v Sheffield United 12: 00 Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR
  • Southampton vs Manchester City 19: 00 BBC One / iPlayer In The OPEN AIR

Tuesday, July 7

  • Watford v Norwich 6pm Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR

Thursday, July 9

  • Bournemouth v Tottenham 6pm Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR
  • Everton vs Southampton 18h Amazon In The OPEN AIR

Saturday, July 11

  • Watford vs Newcastle 12: 30 pm Amazon In The OPEN AIR

Sunday 12 July

  • Wolves v Everton 12pm Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR
  • Bournemouth v Leicester, 19: 00 Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR
  • Man Utd v Southampton 20: Sky Pick In The OPEN AIR


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