Honda Jazz 1.5 i-MMD Hybrid EX 2020 UK review


You will also be impressed by the feeling of space in Jazz; it’s a great windshield, and the redesigned A-pillars really help improve your field of vision. Your back and buttocks have no reason to complain about the comfortable seat, even after a few hours on the road. So far, so added value.

The same cannot be said of the way Jazz rolls. It can be quite accidental at low speeds, unlike the more impressive body control it exhibits at higher speeds. Considering the amount of pottery in the city that most Jazz drivers are likely to make, it’s a shame.

While “engaging” is a word Honda uses to describe improvements in dynamics, “predictable” is a better one – what most jazz owners would like to hear anyway.

Exceptionally for a car of its size and type, the Jazz adopts a variable ratio steering, and its weighting and feel are among the most pleasant dynamic features of the car for anyone looking for a little sparkle and verve.

Honda’s new e: HEV powertrain is a mixed bag. We’re excited to see the back of the old Jazz CVT and its drone accelerating, but you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference in this new fixed gearbox. Never press beyond about 40% of the accelerator pedal travel and you will be left in peace, but do it and it gets quite noisy fairly quickly.

However, the noise is at least reinforced by the fact that the Jazz is a surprisingly lively car, both offline and for acceleration “in gear”, where the torque of the engines combines with the engine for a decent turn of rhythm .

The real-world economy is also good, as is the general feeling of neighborhood jazz in the city.

Congratulations also to Honda for packing the more complex hybrid powertrain without depriving the Jazz of its famous interior space and flexibility. The rear seats are Magic Magic, which can be quickly folded flat to create a large, flat cargo space or the bases are raised to create a large cargo area in place of the rear seats. And there are many other useful storage areas in the car, including under the trunk floor and not one but two glove boxes. It’s features like this that really define Jazz.


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