Home-materials of construction called into question after a large Calgary storm damage


The materials used in the construction of a house are under the microscope, following a huge storm in Calgary on the weekend.

Calgary began the cleanup after a catastrophic storm causes severe damage, flooding

A lot of homes which have suffered the worst damages are covered in vinyl siding, which raises questions as to whether this is the best material for the weather violent storms.

The outer coating of a Calgary home is in tatters in the wake of a violent storm.

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But Bild, the largest home builders association in Canada, told Global News, it is not fair to put all the blame on this type of coating.

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“All the material that was there was overwhelmed by the intensity of the storm,” Bild ” of the Calgary Area, chief executive officer Brian Hahn said.

Hahn said while the world was shocked by the power of the storm and many of the materials does not have the weather — not only the materials used in residential construction.

“You can extend your argument to vehicles right? There are a lot of vehicles damaged, windows smashed,” Hahn added. “We now need to go back and look at the kind of equipment that the vehicles are done the same?”

Vinyl advantages

Bild told Global News vinyl siding often it holds very well and the whole experience with the product is a good one.

Vinyl siding is often the choice made by many homeowners and builders, because it comes in a variety of colors and styles. It is also low maintenance and low cost, which Hahn said is very interesting characteristics.

Those who choose to switch to other materials, including stucco, need to weigh up the benefits compared to the extra expense.

“Others, who prefer other types of coatings, often there can be a compromise in some of the products that are available.”

The siding is damaged at several Calgary homes following the storm.

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Building material testing and certification

All of the materials which are used in homes are tested and certified in the framework of a building code part of the National Building Code of Canada.

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“They test for a range of environmental conditions and how it performs against these conditions,” Hahn added.

Is that the code officials of the province has also said that the government follows. When asked if changes in construction practices are in the works in light of the recent storm and subsequent damage, officials from the ministry of Municipal Affairs told Global News:

“The owners have a choice from a range of different flooring options, including vinyl siding under the National Building Code. Alberta and the other provinces and territories adopt the code. We bow to the Standards Council of Canada on the use of this siding.”

The siding is damaged at several Calgary home following the storm

The siding is damaged at several Calgary homes following the storm.

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Nenshi exploration of disaster relief funding as Calgary cleans up after the storm

What is to come for building materials

Bild has told Global News that does not mean that the industry is not looking for new ways to improve the materials and the construction process.

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“As in any industry, the house-building sector and the construction industry are always on the path of continuous improvement,” Hahn said.

“Do their best to drive the cost of materials and construction, and products to make it more attractive.”

But he added now the materials that they have what they have to work with.

The city of Calgary councillor George Chahal said that he would meet the leaders of the industry to look at how the homes in Calgary are being built, and if different materials of construction should be used to prevent the damage, such as what happened on Saturday from happening again.

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