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France is home to some of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, being a cultural capital of Europe and boasting some of the continent’s most beautiful scenery, vineyards and ski resorts. As part of the “airlift” policy deployed across Europe, France should be one of many countries allowed to let travelers come and go without needing quarantine at either end.

Airlines have tentatively started resuming flights across the continent in an attempt to breathe life into the almost flat airline industry.International travel had almost become a relic of a bygone era throughout the closure of the coronavirus, as many airlines were forced to immobilize entire fleets as countries fought to stop the spread of COVID-19 .

Originally, France was to be part of a reciprocity agreement with the United Kingdom, but that never worked out.

The May agreement between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Emmanuel Macron said: “No quarantine measures would apply to travelers from France at this stage; all measures on both sides would be taken in a concerted and reciprocal manner. “

It’s unclear why the deal has never been seen; a few days later, the United Kingdom imposed a two-week quarantine on the entry of all the countries of the world, except the Republic of Ireland.

The government is expected to ease restrictions on international travel, particularly our neighbors to Europe, as of July 6.

Travel is currently not prohibited and you cannot be sued – but with a travel advisory from the Department of Foreign and Commonwealth of Commerce against all international travel – it is almost impossible to get travel insurance.

Current guidelines state that all travel must be absolutely essential, such as visiting a sick relative or for essential reasons for workers.

All of that is expected to change on July 6 and the government is expected to make announcements about the new airlifts next week.

The initial list of safe countries was established by the government’s Joint Biosecurity Center, in collaboration with Public Health England, with countries classified in green, amber and red based on the risk of Covid-19, the trajectory of the spread of virus and an assessment of data reliability.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has agreed that the general opinion on non-essential international travel, imposed on March 17, will be lifted for the countries concerned as of July 6, but will remain under consideration.

Is France open to British travelers?

France began easing travel restrictions in June and is now accepting travelers from all over Europe without restrictions.

Since 15 June, travelers from most EU countries, EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland), as well as Monaco, San Marino, the Vatican and Andorra, are now free to travel to France by land, air or sea without the quarantine requirement or other restrictions, the country’s interior ministry said in a statement.

Currently, British travelers must quarantine for two weeks upon entering France.

In a second step, the Interior Ministry announced that it would start easing travel restrictions from countries outside the EU on July 1.

University students received priority entry, regardless of their country of origin.

Which airlines serve France?

No airline is currently flying at full capacity due to lack of demand.

Currently, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa and Iberia all fly to Paris.

Easyjet currently only flies to Nice in the south of France.

Other airlines are expected to resume flights in the coming weeks, Ryanair, Jet2, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, and others seeking to resume operations from July.

Eurostar trains are also currently operating, but passengers must have documents proving that they are traveling for an essential reason.


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