Here are the locations of Vancouver’s first 85 temporary in the patio


The City of Vancouver has published a total of 85 patio allows for restaurants, cafes and other businesses during the last 19 days after the launch of the free application for expedited temporary patio program.This includes 73 patios on city-owned public property such as sidewalks and on the curb parking lanes, and 12 patios on the private ownership of property, such as sidewalks created by construction setbacks, and strip-mall parking spaces.

As soon as Friday, the city received a total of 147 applications, with 35 applications under review, including 19 patios on the public spaces and 16 patios on private property.

The city says it is working with the private patio applications to complete their applications, or find the intermediate options. On 11 June, the city council approved the extension of the temporary accelerated patio program city-owned spaces include patios on private property.

A total of 55 applications have been rejected or asked to resubmit.

The city says that it can issue a permit within a period of two business days for patios on city-owned spaces, as long as the application meets all the requirements.

Breweries, wineries and distilleries will know nothing of their ability to install patios, until 30 June, when a public hearing is scheduled on the proposed amendment of the regulations.

The city says it will work with breweries, wineries and distilleries to prepare applications. Similarly, those who follow the development of applications that do not require construction work can expect to receive their patio allowed on private property within five working days.

Here is the list of restaurants, bars and pubs with approved temporary flexible patios of today:

Company Location
33 Acres Brewing Company 15 West 8th Ave
33 Brewing Experience 25 West 8th Ave
Alibi Room #100-157 Alexander St
Annalena 1809 West 1st Ave
Argo Cafe 1836 Ontario St
A lot of Bakery products and a Café 2150 Fir St
Bomber Brewery 1488 Adanac St
Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar 845 Burrard Street St
The Breakdown Of Beans Kafe 551 Cardero St
Browns Crafthouse 202 East 16th Ave
Brunch 1147 Granville St
Burdock & Co 2702 Main St
Burgoo (Mount Pleasant) (x2) 3096 Main St
Castaway Bar and Kitchen 3293 West 4th ave
The chickpea 4298 Main St
Coho Coffee 1370 East Georgia St
Crafts 85 West 1st Ave
Dachi 2297 E Hastings
Devil’s elbow Alehouse 562 Beatty St
Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian Restaurant 1392 Kingway
Donnellan’s Irish Pub 1082 Granville St
Eight 1/2 restaurant lounge 151 East 8th Ave
El Camino de la (x2) 3250 Main St
Electric Bicycle Brewing 20 East 4th Ave
Fable 1944 West 4th Ave
Faculty Brewing Co. 1830 Ontario St
Fiore Famiglia 2603 West 16th Ave
Grano Pizzeria 3240 Main St
Grub 4328 Main St
Junction Public House 1138 Davie St
Kozak Home Ukrainian Cuisine 5077 Victoria Dr
La Casita-Gastown 101 West Cordova St
Laduree 1141 Robson St
Little Bird Dim Sum 2958 West 4th Ave
Livia 1399 Commercial Dr
Local Gastown 3 Alexander St
The Lucky Taco 1685 Yew St
The Main Street Brewing Company 261 East 7th Ave
Milano Gastown 36 Powell St
mitra canteen /Uncle Abe 3034 Main St
Nikkyu Japanese Restaurant 3302 Main St
Nuba In Mount Pleasant (Cafe Nuba) 146 East 3rd Ave
O Sushi 742 Granville St
OEB Breakfast Co 1137 Marinaside Cr
Off the Rail Brewing 1351 Adanac St
Old 3950 Main St
Pink Elephant Thai Restaurant 1152 Alberni St
Pizzeria Bufala 5395 West Blvd
Portland Craft 3835 Main St
Provence Marinaside 1177 Marinaside Cr
Pumpjack 1167 Davie St
Published Restaurant 3593 Main St
R&B Brewery and the Beer and Pizza 54 East 4th Ave
Ragazzi Pizza 2996 East 22nd Ave
Regal Beagle Grill 2283 Broadway St
Red Truck Stop 6295 East 1st Ave
Rogue 601 West Cordova St
Rocky Mountain Flatbread 4186 Main St
Rocky Mountain Flatbread (Kits) 1876 West 1st Ave
Rogue 601 W Cordova St
Romers 1873 W 4th Ave
Say Mercy 4298 Fraser St
Seiza In Japanese Cuisine 3068 Main St
Soho 1283 Hamilton St
Starbucks Coffee 580 Bute Street
Steamworks 375 Water St
Street Kitchen 1950 Triumph St
TC Lions Pub 888 W Cordova St
The American 926 Main St
The Base 3048 Main Street
The Cannibal Cafe 1818 Commercial Dr
The Impostor 1447 Commercial Dr
The Five Points 3124 Main St
The Reef Restaurant 4172 Main St
The Templeton 1087 Granville Street
The Union of kitchen and Bar 219 Union St
The Living Room Of Yale 1300 Granville Street
It 2042 West 4th Ave
Urban Sushi 562 Granville St
Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana 1190 Victoria Dr
Wallflower 2420 Main St
Yagger Kits of 2884 West Broadway
Zocalo Modern Cantina 646 Kingsway


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