“He was a good and caring person,” said the wife of the migrant worker, who died of COVID-19 on Ontario farm.


The 31-year-old woman Bonifacio Eugenio-Romero, a Mexican migrant worker who died from COVID-19 while working on southwestern Ontario farming last month, said her husband was a “good and caring person. ““He was a man of values. He was humble, responsible, empathetic, generous, a person full of patience and self-confidence, “said Juana Vazquez.

It is the first time that she has provided information about her husband to the Canadian media since Eugenio-Romero died on May 30 in the Windsor-Essex area.

The CBC News statement was provided by Santiago Escobar, who represents the family and is also a national representative for the United Food and Commercial Workers of Canada.

He said Eugenio-Romero body is still in Canada.

“He was a good and caring person. Very responsible, at work and at home. Very respectful and loved by the people in his hometown in Puebla From the state, “said Vazquez. “He has always been honest, selfless and above all, optimistic in different situations. ”

The couple have been married for three years and have no children.

Vazquez said there was a big tribute to Romero in his hometown of Santa Inés Borbolla in central Mexico two weeks ago.

She said many local residents attended the memorial, despite fears of COVID-19. She called it “a beautiful farewell organized by the people. “

“A man of values

According to Vazquez, her husband was from an “economically humble city” and when he heard of the temporary foreign worker program in Canada, he did not think twice.

Vazquez said Eugenio-Romero wanted to support his family for a better future.

Bonifacio Eugenio-Romero sent this photo to his wife, Juana Vazquez, on April 11, while working in a greenhouse in Kingsville, Ont. (Submitted by Juana Vazquez)

Eugenio-Romero, was to work at Woodside Serres Inc. Poivrière in Kingsville, Ont.

As of Friday, the company has registered five cases of COVID-19 from the province’s Workplace Safety and Accident Insurance.

Eugenio-Romero was the first migrant worker in Ontario to die from COVID-19, where the virus has spread to other southwestern farms.

A second migrant worker, Rogelio Muñoz Santos, died on June 5 from COVID-19. He was then 24 years old.

Dr. Wajid Ahmed, medical officer of health on the Windsor-Essex County Expressway at the Health Unit, said Eugenio-Romero had no health problems and was self-isolating in a room hotel before he was transported by EMS to the hospital, where he died.

According to Escobar, Romero’s body will be buried once back in Mexico.


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