Harley Quinn reveals the true love of Poison Ivy


WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 12, ” Lovers ‘Quarrel,“now streaming on DC Universe.

One of the questions at the center of the DC Universe Harley Quinn was with that Poison Ivy is going to romantically. While Harley has finally realized that she had feelings for Ivy, the relationship of the villain from Batman with Chuck Brown / Kite-Man has separated. Ivy and Harley have finally had sex during the evening between singles of Themyscira, but the relationship between the two has never really taken off. Ivy, in search of security, was not believed to be able to trust Harley with his heart, and therefore rejected the Clown Princess of Crime. However, the last episode of the series DC Universe confirms that Harley Quinn is, in fact, the true love of Poison Ivy.

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After you have freed the Justice League, Harley is attacked by Poison Ivy, which is under the control of dr. Psycho. Kite-Man saves Harley before Ivy could kill her and explains to the Clown Princess of Crime that Psycho has entered into a deal with Darkseid to take control of the Earth. The Justice League continues to defend the Earth and fight the Parademons, and Harley comes in to prevent the group from putting Ivy in the phantom zone. Finally, Ivy captures Harley and bring it back to the base of the shopping centre. However, while this occurs, Kite-Man has worked with a scanned version of the Sy Borgman death to create a control device and anti-mind.

Kite-Man only has two control devices, anti-mind. He gives one to Harley and asked him to put the other to the ear of Ivy. The plan of the Kite-Man for himself is kissing Ivy and break the spell of Psycho by the power of ” true love “. It doesn’t work and he moved on. Harley and Ivy face off then. During the confrontation, Harley begins to lose the battle and drop the control device and anti-mind. At the time where Ivy seems to be ready to kill the Clown Princess of Crime, Harley reaches out and embraces her best friend. This kiss broke the hold of the Psycho on Ivy, and Harley said: “Fucking shit. True love worked. ”

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Harley puts the control device anti-mental to the ear of Ivy, and the duo takes it to their aggressor psychic. Darkseid offers to give Harley the domination of the Earth, but she chooses rather to reject it, realizing that this is not what she expects out of life. Harley admits that she’s not even really safe to be a villain and that she, in fact, mostly reacted to events around her. Darkseid is threatening the Earth and then goes away.

The Clown Princess of Crime confesses his feelings to Ivy and asks him to take a risk by being with her. However, before Ivy can respond, Kite-Man emerges. Psycho, who earlier in the episode, revealed to have seen Harley and Ivy have sex in the mind of the latter, then broadcasts images of the event in Gotham. Kite-Man sees this sequence, and at the end of the episode, he looks at the shock, pain and confusion.

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Although the kiss does not change the reserves of Ivy to be with Harley, the series has definitively confirmed that the two are true loves. All in all, the path for the two has not been easy, and it is quite possible that Ivy is married with a Kite-Man. However, true love may well win in the end.

Harley Quinn DC Universe starring Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Diedrich Bader, Alan Tudyk, Rahul Kohli, Christopher Meloni, Tony Hale, Ron Funches, Wanda Sykes, Natalie Morales, Jim Rash, Giancarlo Esposito, Jason Alexander, and J. B. Smoove. New episodes are released on Friday.

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