Hamilton on Disney Plus gets you the “best seat in the house,” Lin-Manuel Miranda says


Lin-Manuel Miranda and Phillipa Soo, in Hamilton. Disney

Got the plans for July 3 yet? I’m dressed, heels and, at the head of my sofa and streaming Hamilton on Disney Plus. The Broadway hit musical was filmed in New York, Richard Rodgers Theater in 2016, during the three days. Lyricist and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, rapper Daveed Diggs and the rest of the original cast, including Okieriete Onaodowan, Phillipa Soo and Anthony Ramos were still on stage telling the story of US founding father Alexander Hamilton.

I’m curious to see how the small “live” screen capture version of Hamilton compares to the live performance I saw last January in San Francisco with another cast and a much larger price tag than the Disney Plus monthly subscription fees.

“One of the things we were always running against on Broadway was how prohibitive Broadway was, for many people,” actor Daveed Diggs, who played the Marquis of Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, said at a Zoom press conference with the Hamilton team on June 16. “People just couldn’t afford the ticket. And even if you could, there is a limit to the number of seats. ”

Producer and director Thomas Kail, who also directed the filmed version of Hamilton, says Disney originally planned to release music 15 months later than its current release date. But the team now felt, amidst the many cultural boundaries of the pandemic coronavirus, was the right time. “Not only is there no Hamiltons, but there is no live performance,” said the director. “There are no concerts. There is no Broadway. There is no regional theater. ”

Miranda, wearing a hat because of what he said was “very bad hair quarantine,” insisted on the idea of ​​democratizing the Hamilton experience. Even after five years of running on Broadway and having several productions of the show being produced at the same time, the Grammy awards, Emmy, Pulitzer and a Tony award winner think more people will see Hamilton between July 3 and July 5 on Disney More than having seen this completely.

The Hamilton Filming

You will not have to worry about being at the theater on time, parking will not be a problem, and you will probably be more comfortable at home than theater seats with little room for them. legs. But how does much of the live energy from this recorded performance actually capture it?

“My task was to try to create a document of what it was like to be in this room,” Kail said. “It’s not trying to be the show. It’s his own experience, and I think we tried to embrace the love we have for being in the theater. ”

For the final version of this film, Kail explained, the team won two shows. The show never stopped during filming, with cameras placed in the audience. Kail also had some time with the theater troupe without spectators. The crew’s cinema jumped on stage for these shots and used stable cams, as well as the cameras on cranes and carts.

“It’s better than the best seat in the house in Hamilton,” said Miranda. “Tommy very deliberately jumps from the scene to the scene. ”

The film was shot 10 months after the cast for the Original Broadway Cast Recording and after countless Broadway shows. Miranda joked about Hamilton being the best rehearsed film of all time, “perhaps apart from a certain David Fincher scene. “

Hamilton resonance today

But Hamilton crew is aware this is more than just a game for some. They were eager to comment on anti-racism protests and social justice claims around the world following the death of a black man, George Floyd, in police custody in Minneapolis.

“I’m very excited to see how [the show] inspire this movement, “Onaodowan, who played Hercules Mulligan and James Madison said. “I am very happy for the young children who are there, who are upset and angry. They can watch this and realize that they can put their energies through writing, difficult people who tell you things you don’t like to hear like Hamilton did. “

Lin-Manuel Miranda, in Hamilton.


Soo, who played Eliza Hamilton, stressed the importance of having such a diverse cast, especially for young audiences. She spoke of young people of color, young Asian women and young women of other backgrounds thanking them for being part of a group on stage that looked like them. “It’s always good to remember the version of yourself when you were that person and how it felt to watch those people that you train your first artistic experiences with,” she said.

As with Hamilton’s future, Ramos has an idea of ​​what it could be: a good musical adaptation film. “We did it in the Heights,” said the actor, who played Jean Laurens and Philip Hamilton. “Let me know, Lin, when we’re ready to do Hamilton.” “

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