Half of NHS “Not Confident” Doctors Can Deal With Second Peak Virus


Doctors are experiencing high levels of burnout and have little confidence that they can handle the huge backlog of poor patient care, research shows.A British Medical Association (BMA) survey of more than 7,000 doctors between June 16 and 18 showed an increase in stress levels in the workforce.

Many have little confidence in The ENM of Ability to handle the large number of missed, canceled and postponed care calls, the union said.

Some also fear that the health service may not have the capacity to manage a second peak in levels of coronavirus infection.

There has been a slight increase in the number of doctors experiencing burnout and burnout compared to previous results, the BMA said, with 45% saying they feel stressed.Nearly 32% of these people said the pandemic had increased their stress levels, while the other 13% said it was no worse than before.

Asked if there had been a change in demand for non-Covid patient care in the past week, 43% said there had been a significant increase and another 21% said it was a back to pre-March levels.

Half of the doctors (50%) surveyed said they were not very or not at all confident in coping if there was a second spike in Covid-19 infections, while 36% were slightly confident in their ability to cope.

Dr. Chaand Nagpaul, BMA chairman of the board, said: “This is the sixth such investigation by the BMA during the pandemic, and as a snapshot, it is clear that the NHS is in crisis and the doctors are fearful and exhausted.

“The NHS was already in poor health with record waits in A&E and hospital waiting lists before this pandemic started.

“Since normal services have been put on hold, with resources diverted by and large to the Covid-19 efforts at the expense of a large number of other patients.”


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