Hairdressers can start preparing to reopen in Wales


Hairdressers have been told they can start preparing to reopen in Wales.The Prime Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, presented the plans of the Welsh government to reopen non-essential stores from Monday 22 June and remove restrictions from five miles or “stay local” on 6 July.

Drakeford also spoke about the reopening of hair salons and told hairstylists to spend the next three weeks preparing to reopen.

During the next Welsh government review, he will confirm whether hairdressing and beauty services can resume by appointment from July 13.

Speaking at the Welsh government’s press conference on Friday, Drakeford said, “Hairdressers should use the next three weeks to prepare to resume appointment-only services with all the necessary protections in place.”

He added, “We are giving an indication to hairdressers and people in similar occupations that they too should consider the next three weeks as time to think about how they can reopen and how they can do it safely.” . We are going to speak to the representative bodies of the sectors which cannot cut their hair at a distance of two meters, so it will be necessary to take careful safety precautions.

“But if we can use those three weeks productively to have these discussions and if, in three weeks, we continue to see a downward trend in the circulation of the virus in Wales, we are signaling that this part of our economy could recover well. ”

Here is the current schedule the Welsh government is working towards:

Monday June 22:

  • Non-essential retail stores can reopen with social distancing in place.
  • Home visits to vacant properties can take place and deferred sales can be finalized.
  • Outdoor sports grounds may reopen (but not for contact or team activities).
  • Foreign markets may reopen.
  • Places of worship can reopen for private prayer.
  • Child care will gradually reopen to help people who return to work.

Monday June 29:

  • All students can return to school using a phased approach.

Monday July 6:

  • The “stay local” rule is lifted if the number of Covid-19 cases continues to decline.
  • Tourist attractions and national parks may reopen.

Monday July 13:

  • Owners of fully self-contained vacation homes can reopen.
  • Hairdressers and beauty salons can reopen by appointment only.

Lindsey Hughes, who runs the Hair By Chance salon in Whitchurch, Cardiff, said she was thrilled to finally have a date by which they could work.

She said, “I had a lot of people asking me when they could book and I couldn’t say anything because we didn’t have a date. That means I can go ahead now and start planning.

“I am lucky because I have a large enough living room so that we can space out, so we have determined that it will be doable. I also plan to work seven days a week and longer hours to catch up. “

We launched the #IAmOpen campaign to support stores and businesses in Wales as they prepare to reopen after weeks of forced closure.

Throughout next week, we will showcase stores, areas and streets across the country as they prepare to open their doors to customers once again. We will tell them about the pandemic and how they are preparing their premises so that the public can shop safely.

Across WalesOnline, and the Western Mail, South Wales Echo, South Wales Evening Post and Wales, on Sunday we will be:

  • Live report from Wales as buyers return to our main streets and business parks
  • Daily execution of Twitter hours, presenting any company that tweets us with the hashtag #IAmOpen during the week
  • Provide advice to buyers on measures to protect the public as the pandemic continues
  • Recount how individuals and businesses weathered one of the most turbulent economic storms of our time

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But Teresa Henson, who has a salon in Newport, said she was upset that she had to wait another three weeks.

“I installed security screens in my shop, which makes my living room one way and the work area separate from the waiting area,” she said. “I only allow three people at a time, four if from the same household in remote seats.

“I have hand gel at the entry and exit points and I work by appointment only to stop the queues outside. I myself have dresses, gloves, aprons and masks and each tool and area will be disinfected after each client.

“I feel like people are safer in my living room than going to a supermarket where people act like everything has returned to normal and use carts without cleaning them. ”

But the Prime Minister has said that the coronavirus epidemic is not over.

“Thanks to all our efforts, we have been able to control the coronavirus fire, but the fire is not extinguished,” he said.

He said that we must all continue to play our part and protect ourselves, as well as families and communities.

Drakeford said: “Together, over the past three months, we have made a huge effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus in Wales.

“We are now taking concerted steps to take back something that approaches a new normal while living alongside the coronavirus. “


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