H-E-B limits toilet paper and paper towel purchases as coronavirus cases increase in Texas


Don’t panic, but H-E-B again limits toilet paper purchases.

As coronavirus cases are increasing across Texas, the demand for toilet paper and paper towels has also increased. H-E-B introduced new statewide purchasing limits on June 27.

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Purchase limits were first put in place at H-E-B in March, but began to ease with the reopening of Texas. However, restaurants, bars and more are starting to close again as the pandemic continues and Texas sees a spike in coronavirus cases. The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state exceeded 150,000 on Sunday.

Here are the current purchase limits at H-E-B stores across Texas:

  • Chest – Limit 2
  • Multipack of toilet paper – limit 2
  • Single toilet paper – limit 2
  • Paper towels – limit 2
  • Acetaminophen – 2 items in total (includes baby, trial and travel sizes, OTC)
  • Acid controller H-E-B / Famotidine and Pepcid 50ct and more – Limit 1
  • H-E-B / Famotidine and Pepcid acid controller less than 50ct – Limit 2
  • Disinfectant and antibacterial sprays – 2 items
  • Disinfectant and antibacterial wipes – 2 items
  • Spray and disinfectant and antibacterial wipes for test and travel sizes – 2 items
  • Hand sanitizer – 10 items
  • Hand soap – 4 items
  • Hydrogen peroxide – 2 items
  • Alcohol / friction pads (isopropyl) – 2 items
  • First aid and cleaning gloves – 2 items


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