Gyms, recreation centers, and game five would return in July, according to the minister


The rabbits of the gym and the crazy of the foot can jump for joy this evening as the secretary of Culture confirmed that the government hoped to reopen the local facilities by the beginning of next month. At the briefing, a daily on the coronavirus of Downing Street, Oliver Dowden has given football fans the news they were waiting when he suggested that supporters of the Premier League could be back in stadiums as early as September.

But he also suggested that gyms and leisure centres could be back as early as the 1st of July, while the football five-a may also be authorized by then, because mass sports are part of the next step of the stage. easing of the lock.

The football Premier League is back this evening, but in the stadiums empty.

Your gym could be the corner of the street

Dowden said: “The recovery sports does not only the sports elite.

“I know that people are eager to return to their gyms, to their recreation centers, their leagues to five… and all the fitness activities normal.

“We are working closely to redevelop the base sport and the sport community as soon as it is safe to do so – with a goal at the beginning of July at the earliest. “

You might play five against your friends earlier than expected

There are warnings, however, that the users of the gym can find the distance difficult social, while the label of the pool will be markedly different.

Swimmers have been warned today that they will have to get used to a “new normal” during the reopening of the pools.

It will be requested that people avoid swimming in butterfly during peak hours or to exceed the other users of the pool in order to maintain a social distance in the water, according to new guidance published today.

A relaxing swim could be very different

Swim England also recommends that you arrive with a bathing suit under clothes and take a shower at home to minimize the time spent in the locker rooms when the facilities are licensed to accommodate new visitors.

The pools are encouraged to propose sessions that can be booked in advance and apply systems to a single direction at the edge of the pool to help separate the swimmers.

The facilities were forced to close in march, alongside gyms and other public spaces, the government had implemented strict measures to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The director-general of Swim England, Jane Nickerson, said: “When the swimming pools will re-open, this will not be the case, and we know that things will be different.

“However, if we want to play our role in the protection of the NHS against another wave of admissions Covid-19, it is important that we follow the latest guidelines, and we adapt to the new standard. “

1. From Monday

Year unlimited allowed. Employees must be encouraged to return to the workplace, which remained open throughout the lock if they are safe. Garden centres could be reopened so that there may be more guidelines on the use of outdoor spaces, including the open-air markets, main streets, and cemeteries.

2. At the end of may / beginning of June

Back progressive primary schools in England, from the sixth year. Households could be allowed to expand the “bubble social” to meet another household of family or friends.

3. June (end)

Gradual return of schools in England before the summer holidays. Small team sports such as football and five could be allowed, as well as gatherings in the open air of less than 30 people. The sidewalk cafes would reopen while outdoor sports such as golf, tennis, and fishing line could take. Return possible matches in the Premier League, but behind closed doors.

4. At the end of August / beginning of September

Pubs, bars and restaurants could reopen gradually, even if customers should follow strict rules of social distancing.

5. October

Possible return of football fans to the games. The gyms could be allowed to reopen. But any new lifting of restrictions to resume a normal life would be put in doubt amid fears of a second wave of sars coronavirus or an outbreak of seasonal influenza.

The leisure facilities were told that they could not open before the 4th of July at the earliest, and Ms. Nickerson has warned that even when a date is announced, some may not be able to operate immediately.

She added: “Although the instructions contain vital information on how to reopen the facilities, they do not include, unfortunately, not the key date on the opening of the pools.

“We will continue to put pressure on the government for a re-opening date but, in the end, we must be guided by them on this subject. “


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