Guy Bedos, who made France laugh, died at 85


Bedos described his stepfather as a racist and anti-Semite and said that his mother, Hildeberte Verdier, had beaten him. At 12, he said in interviews, he was considering suicide until an attentive doctor advised Ms. Verdier that Guy should consider taking acting lessons.

“I went to the theater on medical prescription,” he liked to say.

Mr. Bedos enrolled in a theater school in Paris and became friends with Jean-Paul Belmondo, among other actors who will soon become famous.

His first successes occurred in the 1960s with Sophie Daumier, his partner on stage and his second wife. They played in notorious sketches like “The Flirt”, a slow dance with an inner back-and-forth dialogue revealing the characters’ contradictory understanding of their encounter. In another, “Holidays in Marrakech”, a racist couple returning from Morocco reports on their holidays.

In the movies, Mr. Bedos had credited roles in more than 40 films. He was best known for his role as Simon, a tennis player stifled by his Jewish mother, in the 1976 comedy “Pardon Mon Affaire”, and a sequel, “Pardon Mon Affaire Too! (1977). Each film was nominated for three César Awards, the highest French cinematographic distinction.

Mr. Bedos’ first two marriages, with Karen Blanguernon and Ms. Daumier, ended in divorce. He married Joëlle Bercot, who survives him, in 1978. Besides her and her children Victoria and Nicolas, he is survived by two other children and four grandchildren.

Nicolas Bedos became a full-fledged comedian, actor and author, while Victoria Bedos became an actress, screenwriter and author.


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