Grant Shapps is about to centralize the control of british railways


The government will use the controls of emergency against the coronavirus of the british railroads to centralize the control of british railways, in a movement comparable to the nationalization.The secretary of Transportation has declared that the crisis had provided opportunities to establish a ” kind of railway is different “, which would mean the end of the franchise system put in place by John Major.

The train operators would receive a fixed fee from the government, which would essentially be the owner of all the routes and collects the fares.

In the framework of the current system, the franchisees receive rates and pay a percentage to the Exchequer, which encourages them to maximize their revenue.

The entire system would be overseen by a board of directors, which would likely be chaired by the secretary of Transportation, giving the government more control over prices and schedules.

Wednesday, at a meeting of the transport committee in the Commons, Mr Shapps said that such a model ” would bring the railway “.

Mr Shapps compared the transport system of London, in which the operators are under contract to operate the metro lines of London, ” on concessions “.

It is understood that Network Rail, which currently operates the routes of the rail networks, could be empowered to specify and to assign such contracts.


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