Grace and Bigy Big Brother get married always with happiness 14 years after their meeting


Grace Adams-Short and Mikey Dalton showed that the house of Big Brother could be a hotbed of romance.The couple met in the course of the series seven and fell in love and 14 years later, they are still married and have three children.

With so many people desperate to trigger the romance in front of the cameras, to give them a scenario, and a hook for viewers to vote until the final, it is rare that two people fall truly in love.

There was no showmance for Grace and Mikey, who look at their time in the infamous house with fondness, despite the departure of Grace in a spectacular way by throwing a glass of water on her colleague’s house, Susie Verrico.

Grace Adams-Short and Mikey Dalton are together since 14 years

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Speaking to The Sun Online, Grace said that she “loved every second” and that the highlight of his stay in the house was undoubtedly ” the meeting with my husband, the father of our three munchkin “.

While they have both said that there was an attraction immediately, Grace admitted, ” it was a bit like a romance holiday. We have really appreciated and everything we have done since then has seemed to agree. ”

The experience of Big Brother has not only found her life partner, she has also given money to settle in a home and a business, which has since made a millionaire.

After the show, Grace said that she had invested in properties in London and Liverpool as well as in the creation of a school of performing arts, she has established across the country.

Grace admitted that “I would never have been able to buy a quarter of a million pounds to London by myself at the age of 20 years,” without his presence in the house Big Brother.

Mikey and Grace kiss in bed on the seventh day of their experience with Big Brother

Grace and Mikey have a real love story with Big Brother

She is now eagerly awaiting the next chapter of his life, after having sold school of the performing arts for millions of people.

Grace has said that she ” is launched now in my next adventure “.

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