GP “horrified” after coronavirus patient coughs on face while not wearing PPE


General practitioner was “horrified” after a coronavirus the patient coughed in the face after removing his PPE.Dr. Mohammed Abbas Khaki, a general practitioner working in a London hospital, said the patient was tired of waiting and approached him when he was about to take his break.

Speaking to ITV News, Dr. Khaki said, “We did our evaluation for it and found that it was fairly stable and good.

“She had been seen that day in the early morning.”What she wanted was new exams and we assessed that she could wait in this area while other patients were seen.

“When it was my break, my colleague came to take over and as I was leaving for my break, she walked past the room where I was and she could see that I had not put on my mask.

“She took off her mask she was wearing, turned to me and coughed, then put her mask back on.”

He added, “It was one of the most horrible things I have ever known.

“I can see it now in my mind.

“I just stayed shocked and I couldn’t believe what happened. “

He said the patient had left the hospital and left in her car, but a security guard had managed to write down her contact information.

She returned to the hospital later and denied any wrongdoing until a security guard pointed to the CCTV cameras above her.

Dr. Khaki said the woman admitted to coughing but tried to dismiss the fault, saying it was unfair for her to have to wait before leaving.

“I think she realizes she was caught doing it, but I was in shock,” said Dr. Khaki.

“We never take off our PPE but it was one of those times when she knew I had taken it off and I was vulnerable.

“It was really horrible. ”

Metropolitan police have been informed of the incident and are currently investigating, said Dr. Khaki.

He insulates at home but has not yet been tested for Covid-19 because he has not developed any symptoms.

Dr. Khaki thanked the hospital for its support, but said more needs to be done to protect frontline health workers from similar attacks.

He said: “We have seen a lot of this type of hatred towards staff: bullying, verbal abuse, sometimes physical abuse …

“In my opinion, this is a defining moment.

“With fewer Covid patients, we have time to focus and say what we are going to do about it.

“What guarantees are we going to put in place, how are we going to face them? ”

The patient was discharged from the hospital unless she required emergency intervention, said Dr. Khaki.

A spokesperson for the hospital where the incident took place said: “It is absolutely unacceptable that any member of the NHS or health and care personnel be subjected to violence or assault at any time .

“The safety of our staff and our patients is of the highest priority to us, and we take any abuse of our staff very seriously.

“We have ensured that the evidence of the incident is kept in a safe place to ensure that follow-up investigations can be carried out, and that we have offered this doctor all the support he needs. ”

Metropolitan police told ITV News that they are investigating the incident and that no arrests have been made.

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