Google’s new Chrome extension lets you directly access text on a page


Link to Text Fragment is a new Chrome Extension from Google that allows you to generate text URLs on a web page, regardless of the formatted page.

With the extension installed, just select the text you want to link to, right-click and select “Copy Link to Selected Text.” This can then be shared and opened by anyone using a compatible browser. For example, clicking on this link or in Chrome Edge will allow you to directly access a highlighted section at the bottom of the article.

The Google extension builds on a new feature that was recently added to Chrome called Text Fragments, which works by adding additional link information to a URL after a #. It’s the same technology that Google now sometimes uses to link to parts of a web page in search results. However, these URLs can be long and difficult to create manually if you link to more text articles or complex web pages where the same words are repeated several times. This extension simplifies the creation process.

The links created by the extension are compatible with version 80 upwards of all Chrome browsers, but they are not supported in all browsers. Google blog on the fact that like yesterday, Firefox and Safari did not say they were going to implement the feature. Clicking on a link using these browsers will simply take you to the top of the web page, without highlighting the text.

Text fragments are a small but very useful piece of functionality that make it easier to find specific information on a web page. In the above paragraph, for example, the Google blog link is set up to directly access the section about Firefox and Safari compatibility. You can also see it being useful for linking it to a specific step in a long set of instructions, or an entry in a list.

The extension and functionality it provides is promising, but it is not perfect yet. When testing the function on board, I sometimes linked to the correct part of the page, but the text would not be highlighted. Then, when creating links, I sometimes received an error message telling me to highlight a longer section of text, even though I had already selected an entire paragraph. I could not verify what it was on my browser combination, the extensions and the sites I was linking to that were causing these problems.

The Extension Fragment Text Link is now available in the Chrome Web Store.


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