Google will close its AI guided Photo printing service at June 30,


Google’s automated Photo printing service has not taken long for this world — at least, not in its first incarnation. Droid Life has learned (via The Point) that Google is to stop an AI-guided evaluation service as at 30 June. He did not say what led to the closing in a notice to the members, but it said it hoped to “change this” and “function more and more widely available.” This is not the end, then, even if the service is likely to change.

The $8 per month of trial, AI choose your 10 best pictures (prioritized by faces, landscapes, or a mixture) and print them on 4×6 cardstock, with changes if you preferred. They were intended to be gifts, or just good memories if you wanted more than just digital copies. Google was not the best time, however. The service was made public in February, just a month before much of the world has entered pandemic of lock — it is difficult to justify spending money on a photo service when you can’t socialize travel. If there is a tracking service, it may have to wait.


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