Google removes 70 malicious add-ons from the Chrome Web Store


Google says it removed more than 70 malicious add-ons from the Chrome Web Store after they were found spying on users.These malicious add-ons have been downloaded more than 32 million times and were found by the security company Awake Security. The firm alerted Google, after which the tech giant removed the add-ons.

“When we are alerted to extensions to the Web Store that violate our policies, we take action and use these incidents as training material to improve our automated and manual analysis,” said a Google spokesperson. Reuters.

Most add-ons claimed to warn users of websites that are unsafe or posed as services that may convert file formats. Rather, the add-ons attempted to steal user’s browser history and sensitive data that provided credentials for internal business tools.

Awake Security researchers believe that due to the high number of downloads, this is the most malicious Chrome Store campaign. Google has not commented on how this latest spyware compares to previous malicious campaigns, nor has it discussed the severity of the damage.

It is also unclear who was responsible for the spyware campaign, as the developers added false contact information when submitting the add-ons.

Source: Reuters


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