Golf, fishing, regular testing: NBA sets out the vision for Disney reboot


Here is a part of what awaits players of the NBA will be to the Disney campus in Orlando, Fla., next month: game rooms, golf course access, cabanas with misters to combat the heat, the areas of fishing, bowling, tours of the backstage and salon services.It sounds like a vacation.

The NBA describes very specific plans for players and teams, and for the recovery, on Tuesday, in an aide-mémoire and guide to the times obtained by The Associated Press. Because safety is of paramount importance when the coronavirus pandemic, the players have said that they will be tested on a regular basis — but not with the depth of the nasal swabs, and must comply with the strict physical distancing, and mask-wearing policies.

The league and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) have worked on the details of how the restart will work for weeks, all constantly in search of advice from medical experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, perhaps the most famous doctor in the country when it comes to the battle against COVID-19.

Union executive director Michele Roberts has expressed his confidence in the plan.

“Having lived and breathed, and suffered through the hours and hours and hours to understand the virus, and listening to our experts, and the comparison of different protocols, I can’t even think of anything else that we could do, short of hermetically sealing the players who would maintain the security,” Roberts told the AP.

The players must tell their teams by June 24th, if they have the intention to play or not, according to a memo sent to members of the NBPA. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has said that if a player does not feel comfortable playing at Disney — whether for health reasons or because of social causes in the country at this time — so he has no report with his team and will not be disciplined, other than the loss of salary for the games missed.

The raptors arrive early

Most teams will arrive in Florida on July 7, 8, or 9. A person with knowledge of the situation said the defending champion Toronto Raptors, the only NBA team based outside of the UNITED states, shall be allowed to meet together for pre-camp training sessions under strict guidelines that the other teams will follow in their own cities before the arrival date. The Raptors are likely to form somewhere in Florida, said the person who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because no agreement has yet been signed.

For the Raptors, it has been a topic of concern in large part because the rules of the Canadian government, which call for 14 days of quarantine for people returning to Canada. Some of the Raptors players are in Toronto at this time; some are in the UNITED states

Toronto Raptors guard Fred VanVleet moves past Minnesota Timberwolves guard Jordan McLaughlin during a February game. The Raptors will probably be at the head of the Florida early to start the training because of the current Canadian quarantine laws. (Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press)

Person on the NBA Disney campus, which has been vaguely described as a bubble, it will be permissible for anyone else to the bedroom. The NBA has also said, the players and the teams they will work with one or more outside health care companies to provide a medical clinic with X-rays and MRI of the capacity on the campus — critical, since in theory, the league would not want that the players and the team staff to leave and potentially face-to-coronavirus exposure by going outside of the Disney property for such examinations.

The league plan also specifies the manner in which the training rooms and meeting rooms will be used, the procedures for the practice of the court to the use of three blocks of hours per team, all planned, with an opening time between sessions of cleaning and disinfection — and even the way the team and player laundry will be treated.

Social justice

It also discusses the polarizing question of how the league and its players will be able to address the social injustice and inequality racial — two issues of the constant importance, in particular across the country.

The NBA has said that it would be “a central goal of our season restart” to attract the attention and what he calls ” a sustained action to issues of social injustice, including the fight against the systemic racism, the expansion of educational and economic opportunities through the Black community, enacting significant of the police and criminal justice reform and the promotion of civic engagement. ”

The league said it remains in talks with the NBPA, the best way to make that happen. Some NBA players, such as the NBPA executive board member Kyrie Irving, the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard, have suggested that the game could take away from circulation to stimulate immediate and dramatic change on the issue of race in the country.

Roberts has hailed the Money to their willingness to work with players who may be uncomfortable with the restart of the season.

“The very fact that our players have the opportunity not to play, I think that says a lot about the ability of the commissioner to appreciate how big an issue this is not just for african-Americans, but for all of our members,” Roberts said. “There is not an ounce of skepticism about the sincerity of the players feelings about it. ”

The NBA is planning on the games in three arenas during the seeding-game part of the restart, those where each of the 22 teams at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex will play eight games before the playoffs begin. The teams will be housed in three hotels, with between six and eight teams each.

Other plans of the NBA has to restart it to include mental health professionals to be available for players and coaches; pre-game chapel services, virtually, yoga, and meditation-three meals a day and four meals the day of the match; and the restaurant of the availability.

Teams can bring up to 35 people in the context of basketball operations of the group, which includes players, a leader, a sports coach, a strength and conditioning coach, an equipment manager and safety.

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A year ago, in Toronto, the streets were crowded for the championship parade. Fast-forward to the same day this year, a pandemic has the same empty streets. 2:44


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