Golden State Killer called “real life Hannibal Rising” after having acknowledged the crimes of disease


The Golden State Killer has been described as “the real-life version of Hannibal Rising” after having finally admitted that there was a wave of sickening murders and rapes.The victims of the former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo cheered as he was led out of the court after pleading guilty to 13 murders, with some shouting: “goodbye, go! Go! Enjoy the black. ”

Attorney county district Sacramento, Anne Marie Schubert, was then described DeAngelo as “the real-life version of Hannibal Rising “and a” monster “.

On Monday, the 74 year old man has pleaded guilty to 13 murders and confessed to dozens of rapes and home invasions that have terrorized much of California in the 70’s and 80’s.

He took part in the advocacy in the framework of a broader agreement with prosecutors sparing them a conviction and potential death in exchange for his admission to all the offences with which he was charged – charged and non-charged – in 11 counties of California.

Under the agreement of advocacy unusual, described by the prosecutors and the judge of the superior Court Michael Bowman at Monday’s hearing, DeAngelo, shall incur a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Prosecutors said they wanted to ensure that the decreasing number of survivors aging, the families of victims, witnesses and investigators would live to see the resolution of the case, the investor from lawsuits that could drag on for a decade.

“They deserve the opportunity, the victims and their relatives, to be present when the verdicts were finally read,” said Amy Holliday, deputy prosecutor of the county of Sacramento.

“The time for justice is now before us. ”

The hearing on the plea was held in a ballroom of the State University of Sacramento, rather than in a palace of justice, to allow the seats to socially distant in the midst of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The accused and his lawyers were all wearing face shields clear plastic style medical.

DeAngelo, wearing a suit of prison orange, sat without expression in a wheelchair, speechless, for a large part of the proceedings of seven hours.

He spoke in a low voice and hoarse just to answer with yes and no answers to the questions of procedure to the judge at the beginning of the hearing, and then to answer “guilty” when Bowman was asked for his plea to each of the 13 counts of first-degree murder. and the removal.

He has also responded “I confess” to the allegations successive rape, robbery, firearms and other offenses, prosecutors presenting in turn reports in “evidence-based” detailing graphically each murder, sexual assault and home invasion DeAngelo was charged.

His confession involved a total of 161 crimes not charged, said prosecutors.

The arrest of DeAngelo in 2018 has put an end to over 40 years of investigation in a case that, according to the authorities, has finally been resolved by comparing DNA samples from crime scenes to information on the Web sites of genealogy that consumers use to explore their ancestors.

The breakthrough occurred approximately two months after the case has captured national attention in the hit book ” I’ll be left in the dark “.

A television documentary series spawned by the book is created by coincidence on HBO Sunday.

In addition to the murders and kidnapping, prosecutors have said that DeAngelo was known to have committed almost 50 rapes in more than 120 burglaries – most to Sacramento and its environs, in the east of the San Francisco bay area and in southern California.

The crime wave has lasted for more than a decade, from 1975 to 1986 – and began when DeAngelo was a police officer, having served in two departments of a small town in the 1970s, authorities said.

The suspect, that the authorities were also known as the “rapist of the area Is” and the “stalker of the night original”, was known to slip into the room of the victims on the night, tie them and rape them and steal their valuables.

At a hearing Monday, a prosecutor noted that a victim had described his attacker as having a small penis, consistent with the stories of others.

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She then made a sign to DeAngelo with his fingers and the crowd burst out laughing.

The procedure also revealed that the drink of choice of DeAngelo was Diet Dr Pepper.

Empty containers would have been found next to a crime scene years ago, and when he was arrested, his house was full of drink.

The official condemnation is scheduled to begin on August 17.


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