GMB Piers Morgan smoke Dan Walker’s response to his criticism of the BBC Breakfast interviews


Dan Walker has responded to Piers Morgan’s criticism of the BBC Breakfast journalists interview techniques and the ITV host is not happy about it.Piers has ranted on his rivals ‘approach to talking with ministers since the government began its “boycott” of Good Morning Britain.

Today, Piers has revealed that he had been nine weeks since a representative of the government had been on the breakfast programme, which he presents with Susanna Reid – the result of his own upward of the interview.

To fill the void, Pillars, 55, has been critical of BBC interviews, in an attempt to put his point of view – often rather damning in his assessment.

As Leicester goes into the local lock after an increase of Covid-19 event, the presenter, said today that it was “pathetic” that health secretary Matt Hancock did not appear on the program to discuss the new measures.

GMB Piers Morgan smoke Dan Walker’s response to the BBC Breakfast interview critical

Piers has also taken a blow to the BBC Breakfast – who has had an interview with Mr. Hancock say that its journalists, in this case, Dan, is doing interviews, “because he only “jumps ” not” on covid testing figures.

Dan defended himself in a Twitter post, while appearing to take a shot at Docks not to let the interviewees speak.

He tweeted: “It is essential that politicians are allowed to speak. The idea (to some) that we, and others, not to challenge the ministers is completely false.

Piers Morgan smoke Dan Walker’s response to the BBC Breakfast interview critical

“Important to ask questions.

“Important press.

“Important to allow you to listen to.

“Thank you for watching.”

Piers sublimated during the response and making fun of Dan with his comments.

“No mate, you missed, you had a chance,” he raged.

“The health secretary has given you a load of flannel about why the number of people tested is meaningless, and you should have torn him to ribbons.

“That is your job. This is not to sit back and let the spout complete nonsense.

“Next time, jump, and do not let him get away with it. I can’t do it, because he boycotts us. Come on Dan, get a grip son.”

Susanna was then suggested that Dan do not let the Docks get him, its maintenance, its own way.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.


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