Global report: the WHO warns against a world-wide shortage of equipment | oxygen epidemic of Coronavirus


While a million new cases of coronavirus are confirmed in the world by a week, the world health Organization (WHO) has warned that hospitals are facing a shortage of oxygen concentrators needed to support the breathing of patients Covid-19 with respiratory distress.

“Many countries are currently finding it difficult to obtain oxygen concentrators”, said the director-general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “The demand currently exceeds the supply.”

The agency of health has bought 14 000 oxygen concentrators manufacturers, and plans to send in 120 countries in the coming weeks, said Tedros. 170 000 extra hubs – with a value of approximately $ 100 million – will be potentially available over the next six months.

The cases in the world have exceeded 9.4 million Thursday, the WHO declaring expect that the infections worldwide exceeded 10 million by the end of the week. To this day, at least 480 000 people died.

The cases continue to skyrocket in the Americas, United States confirming its second-highest total on one day in the pandemic to date, according to the data project of the University of Oxford, Our World in Data, with 34 700 new infections. It is the highest since April 26, the date on which a record of 48 529 cases had been confirmed in 24 hours. Researchers of the Institute of metrology and the assessment of the health of the University of Washington have predicted that the deaths in the United States would reach 180 000 at 1 October, up from the current balance sheet of 121 969.

The head of the emergency response programme of the who, the WHO’s Dr. Mike Ryan, said that many Latin American countries have experienced an increase of 25% to 50% of cases during the past week.

“I would describe the situation in the Americas in general evolving, not having yet reached its peak and likely to lead to a number of sustained cases and deaths,” he said.

Mexico has confirmed its second death from coronavirus to date, with 947 deaths on Wednesday. The balance sheet on a daily basis, more high was recorded on June 3, with 1 092 death. Mexico has 196 847 known cases.

The number of deaths from the coronavirus in Latin America is expected to rise to 390 000 in October, with Brazil and Mexico, which accounts for two-thirds of the deaths, while other countries in the region to contain their outbreaks, announced on Wednesday the University of Washington.

This week, the death toll in the region have exceeded 100 000 and the cases have tripled, increasing from 690 000 a month ago to 2 million.

during this time Australiaeconomic spin-offs to the airlines are continuing, Qantas announcing 6000 job cuts and 15 000 employees that need to be removed from office, because he expected that most of the international flights will resume later, probably not before mid-2021. The airline has also cancelled a dividend of $ 200 million that it had to be paid to shareholders in September.

In the State of Victoria, over 1,000 members of the australian defence force will knock at the door of the two suburbs at the heart of the last outbreak of Covid-19, and residents have been tested for free, as 33 other cases of the virus have been identified in the State overnight .

In other news from around the world:

  • New Zealand citizens returning home after the hot spots of coronavirus are facing a backlash from some, because people fear that the arrivals do not cause a resurgence

  • Brothels in the Netherlands could re-open on 1 July after having been closed for more than three months, the government announced on Wednesday

  • Volunteers in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South africa have received their first doses of an experimental vaccine in a human trial conducted by the University of Oxford, as the cases continue to increase and concerns grow about the potential access to life-saving interventions

  • The pilots of a plane that crashed last month Pakistan, killing 98 people, was concerned by the crisis of the sars coronavirus and tried to land with the wheels of the plane still in place, according to the early official reports.

  • In the United States, the democrats will organize in Milwaukee, a convention for the presidential nomination almost entirely virtual, using live broadcasts and an online broadcast. Joe Biden intends to accept the presidential nomination in person at the convention on 17 and 20 August, but it remains to be seen if there will be a meaningful public in person to see it.

  • German The main shareholder of the airline Lufthansa said on Wednesday that he would support a bailout plan of the government of 9 billion euros, thus removing the threat of a veto last minute that could have plunged the airline into bankruptcy, reports AFP.

  • China reported 19 cases of coronavirus recently confirmed during tests of the mass in Beijing, where a recent outbreak seems to have been mastered. On the new cases reported Thursday, 13 of which were in Beijing and one in the neighbouring province of Hebei. According to officials, the other five were brought in by chinese travellers outside of the country. No new deaths have been reported.


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